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Customer Service 24/7: How to Automate Processes for Phone Calls to Your Small Business

May 22, 2019 | 4 minutes
A woman with headphones providing customer support of her business.

Not everyone works in customer service, but we are all customers. 

And as customers, we can relate to the positive feeling of getting a fast response from our calls to any business. As customers, we also know how disappointing it can be to wait a long time for a response. 

Sometimes this feeling is warranted, but most of the time, this feeling comes from our own unrealistic expectation of receiving immediate responses. Living in a fast-paced world, we expect businesses to give us instantaneous answers to our inquiries. 

And, this isn’t going to change. 

For large enterprises, this is usually not an issue. This is because they have more capital, staffing resources, and the ability to create more complex technological solutions that provide constant customer service. 

For small business owners, the same resources are usually not available, which makes it harder to provide the same level of customer service around the clock.

Integrating the cloud phone system on Make

So, for SMBs, finding a solution that fills in the communication gap is key. And that comes down to two things; finding the right tool to integrate into your customer service workflow and the ability to automate. So, if you are handling customer service calls for your SMB this article is for you.

Integrate a cloud phone system

When it comes to automating calls to your business, one solution is to use an integrated phone system which field incoming and outgoing calls to better manage with your time, locations, and inquiries. is a cloud phone system designed for SMBs that integrates into SaaS tools and automates voice conversations. 

With no additional software needed, you simply integrate your existing phone number with communication apps, like Slack, to manage your communication for you. 

If you are away, closed for business hours, or just want to field calls, this is an easy solution to apply. 

Plus you can also get local numbers in over 100 different countries, giving your customers that local feel. 

Using, you can also integrate features like:

  • Call Log — Call logs can be saved and searched through

  • Tags — Tags can be applied to help give a description to the call

  • Address Book — A place to store contacts

  • Canned Responses — Send the caller an automatic voice message when not answering gives SMB’s the resources to provide customer service at any time of day by bringing your communication to one place. 

With it being on Make you can completely automate your customer service workflows for both inbound and outbound calls, by integrating with your other customer service tools.

Automate processes for phone calls to and from your business

Make provides a host of triggers that you can use to set up the rest of your customer service workflows. 

There are triggers for incoming calls, outgoing calls, and ending calls, to name a few. As well as having an action to create or update your contact list from your other services.

Example of an Make scenario that saves call transcripts from ended calls to Dropbox

There are over 40+ templates available on Make. These templates are ready for you to use for free. All you need is your specific app account information to connect the services to start. Here are a few ways you can automate processes for calls to and from your business. 

Please note all of the templates can be easily built off of or changed to suit your needs.

Create Zendesk tickets from finished and missed calls

Automatically create a ticket with the caller’s info in your ticket system when a new call is finished or missed in

Create Zendesk tickets from finished and missed calls 

Every time a new call is finished or missed in, Make will automatically create a new ticket in Zendesk.

If not a Zendesk user this can easily be linked up to any Customer Service system (either directly with one of our supported apps or by using our HTTP modules).

Create Freshdesk tickets when you receive a call from a specific number via

Automatically create a ticket with the caller’s info in your ticket system when incoming calls come to your support team.

Create Freshdesk tickets when you receive a call from a specific number via 

Every time a new call is received from a specific number via, Make will automatically create a new Freshdesk ticket.

Create Trello Cards from Tagged calls

Tag certain calls to be followed up on and add the new to-do to your productivity platform.

Create Trello cards from tagged calls 

Every time you add a tag to a call in, Make will automatically create a new card in Trello.

Save call recordings to Dropbox

Automatically save your call transcripts for future reference and quality control to your favorite cloud storage service.

Save call recordings to Dropbox 

Every time a call is recorded in, Make will automatically upload the recording to your Dropbox folder.

Providing customer service around the clock is achievable for SMBs. Using a cloud phone system tool like, you can integrate your other SaaS tools to field and manage your calls. 

And, using an automation platform like Make, you can automate all your processes for incoming and outgoing calls to your business. 

Try Make for free today!


Jessica Herauf

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