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FAQs from Integromat Customers

In Make we have 4 paid plans - Core, Pro, Teams, and Enterprise. In each plan, you can subscribe to the number of operations you need.

The plans differ in the features they include.

The plan that is closest to all plans in Integromat is known as the Legacy plan.  This is the plan to which we will convert all of our upgrading customers and has the same features as the Core plan. On top of those, you get access to an additional set of features, including:

  • Parallel scenario executions

  • Higher levels of file sizes, data transfer, and data storage

  • Access to 300+ API endpoints

  • Real-time execution monitoring

For more features, check out our Pro, Teams and Enterprise plans.

Integromat users who upgrade to Make will pay the same amount they did before, thanks to the “Legacy” pricing plan. This plan is functionally equivalent to the Core plan in Make.

Plans in Make offer additional features, which provide more value to our customers and are priced accordingly.

Yes, you can still purchase extra operations in Make if you exceed your limits before the end of the billing cycle. Extra operations in Make will expire at the end of the current subscription period.

Yes, our annual plans have discounted prices compared to monthly subscriptions.

If you subscribe to the Pro or Teams plan, you also have the additional benefit of extra flexibility allowing you to use a bigger package of operations without having to worry about monthly expiry. This allows you to balance out seasonality and business growth.

Yes. After upgrading to Make, we automatically transfer your subscription to the Legacy plan at the same price with the same number of operations. Additionally, you will gain access to the new features contained in the Core plan. You can upgrade at any time to make use of even more features or to increase your number of operations.

We don’t offer a Platinum plan on Make. If you are a current Platinum customer on Integromat, you will be offered the Legacy plan in Make at your existing subscription price.

No, but we have no doubt that you will love Make. This platform is built on a new architectural foundation and includes highly requested capabilities with the familiar visual experience Integromat customers love.

We changed the names to make our pricing more clear and transparent, while also supporting the new features and capabilities of the Make platform.

Our pricing is based on the number of operations in the plan you selected. To reduce complexity, we implemented a usage allowance which entitles Make customers to a generous amount of platform capacity that is directly related to the number of operations you subscribed to. Learn more about the usage allowance.

Usage allowance FAQ

You can buy additional operations or upgrade to a higher tier plan.

Extra operations include additional GB for Data Transfer. The allowance for other parameters increases when you upgrade to a higher tier plan.

Your usage allowance is related to the monthly operations in your subscription.

The only exception is GB of Data Transfer. If you have the operations usage flexibility feature from the Pro, Teams, or Enterprise plan, you are entitled to a large amount of Data Transfer that you can use flexibly over the year, same as your operations.

Affiliate program upgrade FAQ

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your rewards. In order to receive your Integromat rewards, you’ll need to upgrade your Integromat account to Make and finalize your Make’s affiliate program settings. Once the Integromat platform shuts down on September 30, 2023, we’ll transfer your affiliate Integromat rewards to your Make affiliate dashboard.

When a customer associated with your affiliate link upgrades to Make, we will ensure you continue to receive rewards for their subscription payments up to the completion of the full 24-month term.

We ask that you update your assets with affiliate links so that they point directly to Make as soon as possible. But, to make things a little easier, we have also set up a system that ensures your affiliate links pointing to continue to work when a new user signs up for Make, so any new users will be added to your Make affiliate account automatically.

Dashboard changes

We have also fine-tuned the dashboard for your convenience.

  • New panels: See how many users and organizations you have brought to Make, as well as your total earnings with our affiliate program.

  • Source tracking: In the Activities Section, you can now track which URL your users come from. This enables you to see which blog posts, videos, or social media posts are performing the best so you can focus on leveraging those channels.

  • Conversion rate: The dashboard now includes data on both paid (registration vs. paid) and overall (clicks vs. registrations) conversion rates.

  • User and Organization tabs: You can now see complete statistics for users and organizations.

  1. Log in to with the same credentials as your Integromat account. This will ensure that you receive your commission for any users you have brought to Integromat who upgrade to Make.

  2. In the dashboard: Click on your profile, and go to the affiliate program. A panel will open, and your affiliate code will be pre-populated.

  3. Enter your PayPal link.

  4. Complete the short survey, and agree to the new terms & conditions.

  5. Click OK, and Make redirects you to the dashboard, where you can copy your affiliate link and start promoting Make!

  • For your users who upgrade: You will continue to receive your commissions until the end of the 24-month period, but your payout will be from

  • For your users who stay on Integromat: You will continue to receive your commissions on Integromat as long as the user remains subscribed and the Integromat platform is supported. We will stop maintaining Integromat on the 30th of September, 2023.

  • For new users: New enrollment is only possible on, and the special commission offer (see above) will be valid for three months after the launch of Make.

Yes, the affiliate program (20% commission) applies for both, monthly and annual subscriptions

We will transfer unpaid rewards to Make when the support period ends for Integromat, which we expect to happen on the 30th of September, 2023. You will be able to receive the payout together with your other payouts from Make.

People can still use Integromat even though new registrations are now allowed only on Make. You will continue receiving your rewards on Integromat for as long as the users you brought in keep paying for Integromat. This does not preclude you from receiving rewards for users you bring in to Make.