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Integromat is shutting down: what to expect

As we approach the closure of Integromat, we want to ensure you're well-prepared for the key dates and events to keep your scenarios active.


It's important to note that Integromat will be closing down on September 30, 2023.

After this date, all of your Integromat scenarios will be disabled, but are available in Make.

We're here to assist you with any concerns regarding the migration process. Simply create a support ticket and select the Upgrade to Make ticket topic.

All users with a paid Integromat subscription upgrading to Make receive the Integromat Legacy plan. You keep paying the same price as you had with Integromat and you keep the same amount of operations. The Integromat Legacy plan has the same features as the new Core plan in Make.

Organization migration on September 18, 2023

We've already migrated your organizations from Integromat to Make automatically. Scenarios in Integromat were not auto-migrated, only your organizations.

To keep your automations up and running, you need to fully upgrade to Make.

All your scenarios, connections, data stores, and devices remain intact on Integromat. We recommend to complete the migration yourself, so that you can review any issues and ensure that your automations continue working successfully.


We already migrated your user profiles to Make. Users can log into Make with their Integromat credentials.

The following features are no longer available on Integromat:

  • Invite new users to your Integromat organization.

  • Change your email address within Integromat.

  • Change any custom apps on Integromat.

If you want to continue using these features, finish upgrading to Make. If a user updates their Integromat profile, the changes will not automatically reflect on Make. To ensure preferences are accurate on Make, users must manually adjust their profile settings on Make.

Integromat shuts down on September 30, 2023

At this point, all of your active scenarios will be disabled in Integromat and the following occurs:

  • All scenarios are disabled with a Deactivated badge. To re-enable these scenarios, you must migrate them to Make. Creating new scenarios, enabling or running existing ones will not be possible on Integromat.

  • Managing your account and billing is blocked. While your subscription will continue as usual, and you will have the option to cancel, certain actions such as upgrading or downgrading your plan, purchasing additional operations, or using coupons will be unavailable. These features will only be available once you fully upgrade to Make.


What will happen to my custom apps on Integromat?

We will migrate all active custom apps to Make.

What will happen to my affiliate commissions on Integromat?

We will transfer your commissions to the affiliate program in Make: you will see the commission amount on your dashboard. Read more about the new and improved affiliate dashboard.

What will happen to extra operations I have on Integromat?

Once you have fully migrated to Make, you will receive an email with coupon codes for extra operations to use in Make.