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Release notes

March 22 2023

Improvements and changes

  • In the migration tool, you have all scenarios that can be migrated selected for further migration by default.

Fixed issues

  • It wasn't possible to save the scenario after clicking Run once. The Unknown Exception: invalid input syntax for type json error appeared without any reason.

  • The formatDate function didn’t modify the date according to the settings you set for this function.

  • If a module in the scenario contained a custom function, the scenario failed with the [object Array] could not be cloned without any reason.

  • Manual writing of a function’s notation in the module didn't work correctly.

  • When approving a custom app as an admin, the Commit button wasn't clickable with no errors if you left the text field empty.

March 08 2023

Improvements and changes

  • An updated version of the Make mobile app is available for your Android and iOS devices. This version features Make branding.

  • A branded Google Sign-in button appears when you create a new connection for any of Google apps.

  • When you use the following components in the scenario, but then deleted some of them, Make shows a warning message that contains information about the deleted component(s) once you try to save the scenario:

    • Data stores

    • Custom functions

    • Data structures

    • Organization and team variables

    • Devices

    • Keys

    • Connections

  • Improved hints for some features.

Fixed issues

  • It wasn't possible to delete a user who created a custom function.

  • The Unexpected internal error was caught. Contact the support. error appeared in the scenario when there were no errors in fact.

  • When the admin of the organization entered another organization that he was not an admin for, he didn't see the organization's custom functions (if any existed).

  • It wasn't possible to migrate a huge data store (around 2000 MB and bigger).

  • Custom functions didn't work in filters.

  • Clicking multiple times on Buy extra operations opened multiple checkout pop-ups.

  • In some cases, it was not possible to add an ACH payment method.

February 23, 2023

Improvements and changes

  • Improved hints for some features.

Fixed issues

  • When you used notes in the scenario builder, the user interface had minor visual glitches.

  • When setting up modules (including custom apps), text values in various drop-down menus weren't sorted in alphabetic order.

  • If there was a custom function in an iterator, its output wasn't clickable, and it wasn't possible to open the next module after executing the scenario.

  • In the scenario with the "Flow Control tool → Module → Array aggregator" scheme, the Array aggregator didn't show the name of the chosen Flow Control tool while mapping values.

  • After deleting a custom variable and then executing scenarios where it was used, the warning message didn't contain the name of the deleted variable.

  • The Reauthorize button for some OAuth connections wasn't visible in Connections.

  • It wasn’t possible to map an iterator’s result to the module next to the iterator, if there was a Set Variable tool before the iterator.

  • It was impossible to restore the oldest version of a custom function.

  • When using the Choose where to start option, it wasn't possible to specify a specific ID of the item to start with.

  • The affiliate dashboard did not correctly display the number of paying organizations that count toward affiliate payouts.

February 8, 2023

New features

Bulk selection

Bulk selection allows you to save time when working with any feature in Make that offers several options to choose from.

Bulk selection.png

Improvements and changes

  • Improved hints for some features.

Fixed issues

  • The Reauthorize button for some OAuth connections wasn't visible in Connections.

  • When setting up the scenario input, if you selected the Boolean type of data and set it up as No, it was reset to Empty after clicking Save.

  • It was possible to clone a scenario with custom functions to a different team.

  • The icons of custom apps were broken when mapping values between two modules.

  • The mapping process crashed the scenario containing custom functions and a bundle with binary data.

  • If you didn't find the needed app in the list of modules, the system didn't suggest requesting for a new app.

  • If the scenario had the Break error handler, and the scenario resulted in an incomplete execution several times, there was only one record for all failed executions in the Incomplete Executions tab.

January 25, 2023

New features

Custom functions

Custom functions allow you to extend Make's capabilities to work with data in scenarios. You can now write your own Javascript functions and make them available in the mapping dialog.


Learn more about Custom functions

New enterprise apps

The following new apps are available to customers with the Enterprise plan:

Improvements and changes

  • Improved the resiliency of webhooks and mailhooks, which are forwarded from Integromat, against DoS attacks.

Fixed issues

  • If a scenario failed with a RateLimit error, scheduling was ignored and incomplete executions were not handled correctly.

January 11, 2023

Improvements and changes

Fixed issues

  • When selecting the webhook instant trigger in SmartSuite > When a record is created, it was not possible to create a new webhook. Instead, the error 'Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).’ appeared.

  • In some cases, even if a scenario was successfully executed, scenario history logs were not always displayed for all past executions.

  • The ClickUp app logo was not displaying correctly in the scenario builder when selecting ClickUp apps and modules.

  • It was not possible to use the side navigation to switch between organizations in different zones, i.e. EU1 to US1.

  • Some SSO logins encountered an unresponsive infinite loop.

  • Customers on free plans incorrectly saw a nonfunctioning button to purchase extra operations.

  • Some payments could not be correctly processed and the pending status persisted.

  • Some notifications appeared without a description.

  • On the affiliate dashboard, the date filtering dialog did not close after clicking Apply.

  • In case of failed card payments, there were errors processing newly entered payment cards.

December 14, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • App search panel improvements: added a help hint when there are few or no modules found.


Fixed issues

  • It was possible to create scenario inputs structures with the same name, and there were no errors.

  • Organizations could not redeem coupons for extra operations if there was no saved payment method.

  • Legacy accounts did not link to new Make accounts when joining Make via an invitation to an organization.

  • The pop-up for buying extra operations did not automatically close after purchasing extra operations.

November 30, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • App search panel improvements: added the search icon and “Search applications” text. 

    Search panel improvements.png

Fixed issues

  • When adding a new data structure, the required fields for the date and collection data types were not visible.

  • For some customers with more than 50 webhooks, some of the webhooks were not showing in the user interface, even though they were attached to the scenario. When opening the Custom webhook module, it showed “Choose a hook” instead of the list of webhooks, even though the specific webhook was already configured.

  • For some scenarios which had incomplete executions and were using advanced scheduling, the executions did not wait for the first one to finish before starting the new one. Instead, the new execution started whilst the previous one was still running.

  • It was not possible to rename devices. You can edit a device's name by going to the Device tab and double-clicking on the name you want to edit.

  • Invitations to organizations failed when inviting new users to Make who had '+' in their email addresses. For example, invitations failed for a new user with an address such as [email protected]

November 16, 2022

Improvements and changes

Fixed issues

  • The template Asana > List tasks did not work as expected. It was necessary to manually map the module. Also, clicking Continue did not proceed to the next step.

  • When manually migrating scenarios from Integromat to Make, some scenario migrations were unsuccessful. This happened when confirming default values for webhooks, connections, and folders and then going back to change the webhook default value from "duplicate and forward" to "duplicate only". The reason for the error was caching invalidation.

  • In the mapping dialog, some nested fields were displaying the names instead of labels.

November 9, 2022

New features

Scenario inputs

Scenario inputs allow everyone to run complex scenarios by filling in the required scenario inputs.

Define the data structure necessary to start your scenario and then pass this data to a scenario every time you run it. The scenario which uses scenario inputs runs only if you provide the correct data structure.

The scenario inputs feature is available in Pro, Teams, and Enterprise pricing plans.

Learn more about scenario inputs.

Scenario inputs .gif

On demand scheduling

With the On demand scheduling option, your scenario is waiting to be triggered by an API call or the Run once button. The scenario does not have any schedule and it does not run unless you start it manually.

On demand scheduling is available in all Make pricing plans.

Learn more about on demand scheduling.

On-demand scheduling.png

Run scenario via API

You can now run any scenario via an API endpoint. In order to execute a scenario via API, you have to use authorized API calls (so it is more strict in terms of access controls).

Run scenario via API is available in Core and higher pricing plans.

Learn more.

November 2, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • When hovering over a variable, you can now see the variable value and data type. This includes both system and custom variables.

  • Added information about API rate limiting in the Make API documentation.

Fixed issues

  • When using the template Asana > List tasks to create a scenario, clicking Continue did not work.

  • When mapping custom apps, the File parameter showed, even though Show advanced features was not switched on.

October 20, 2022

Improvements and changes

Choose which custom variable value to use

You can now choose whether to use values of Team and Organization variables that were set at the moment of the original execution of the scenario, or whether to reload them with every attempt, while in incomplete execution. If you don't select anything, Make will use the original values as the default.

You can find this option under Show advanced settings in the Scenario settings tab.


Fixed issues

  • Manually rerunning incomplete executions threw errors such as "This execution cannot be displayed: blueprint version is missing". Some users also got email notifications "Cannot initialize the scenario because of Inconsistent Snapshot state on Team Level".

  • In the US1 zone and across enterprise instances, error messages appear for issues that were fixed when manually rerunning incomplete executions.

October 13, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • You can now filter webhook executions in the webhook log and queue.

    Webhooks Filter.png
  • Use the collapse and expand option to see variables from the previous modules.

    Expand and collapse.png
  • In Integromat, you can now see which scenarios were migrated to Make. When you hover over the migrated tag, you can also see the zone.

    Migrated Tag Integromat.png

Fixed issues

  • For non-compiled custom apps, the connection dropdown did not show the app icon in the forms interface.

  • Podio > Filter app items module was throwing the “store.reduce is not a function” error.

  • In the forms interface, the fields with long names were not fully visible and they hid the map button.

  • It was not possible to clone the API key connection, webhook, or data store while cloning the scenario.

  • It was not possible to select the date in the calendar when filtering logs of incoming webhooks and scenario history.

September 23, 2022

New features

Logs of incoming webhooks

You can now see more details about your webhooks, such as the status of the specific twebhook, webhook URL and UDID, as well as the details of the scenario which uses that specific webhook.

You can also view logs of incoming webhooks, and the webhook queue. This helps you better investigate webhook related issues.

Logs of incoming webhooks.png

Learn more about the webhook queue and logs.

Improvements and changes

  • The output suggestion is based on the first ten bundles of the first two operations of the module (it used to be the first bundle of the first operation).

  • UI improvements: Better distinction between custom and system variables.

Fixed issues

  • When using the Custom webhook module and saving it while the Stop button is still loading, the first hook call got lost.

  • Variable history did not show the time for the date data type variable.

  • App search was returning matches in the incorrect order and the exact match was not the first result.

  • When deleting a scenario with a custom webhook, the webhook was deleted together with the scenario.

  • When searching templates by app, removing an app from the search field did not update the filtered results shown. Instead, the search still displayed the original results.

  • UI text for active scenarios incorrectly referred to organizations when displaying team information.

September 8, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • Improved scenario saving time.

  • When using a template wizard, Make automatically saves your new scenario as soon as you complete the wizard. This lets you edit and test run your scenario right away.

Make API updates

Fixed issues

  • When creating scenarios from a public template, clicking Run once started the scenario but immediately redirected to the scenario editor during execution.

  • The data type column in the system variables was sometimes showing numbers, even if the data type was different.

  • When using the system and custom variables in the Iterator module, the output value was empty.

  • When entering JSON in the Generator option in custom apps, the labels were not returned.

  • The Webhook response module returned a warning when the scheduling was changed to Immediately and Run once.

August 25, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • The default size of a data store changed to 1 MB.

  • Optimized the Webhook Gateway performance, which can help reduce 5xx errors being returned from webhooks.

Make API updates

User interface updates

  • Added help hint messages for system variables. The help hints appear when you hover over each system variable.

    Variable help hints.png
  • Added the history tab for custom variables. You can now see who changed the custom variable, when, and what the changes are. The last change appears on top.

    Variable history1.png
    Variable history.png
  • Added descriptions for the first and last array functions. Hover over the specific function to see its description.

    First array function description.png
  • Added the time remaining until the next scheduled execution for active scenarios. The time until the next execution appears on the organization dashboard.


Fixed issues

  • The Delete button in Variables would disappear on certain screen resolutions.

  • There was no pop-up asking for confirmation before deleting the custom variable. This occurred for custom variables starting with a capital letter.

  • The “TeamID” parameter was included in API calls and aggregator when it shouldn’t have been. This affected multiple apps.

  • In Text parser > Replace module checkboxes were missing for Case sensitive, Multi-line and Single-line fields so it was not possible to set any of these options. Also, it was not possible to map these fields manually.

  • It was not possible to save Katana templates.

  • Scenarios created from a template and saved could not activate.

  • Templates with a webhook trigger did not default to automatic triggering schedule.

July 27, 2022

New features

System variables

Use system variables to get detailed information about your scenarios, current executions, teams, and organizations.

System variables are available to all Make users and on all pricing plans.

You can find System variables under the Variables tab in the mapping dialog.

Learn more about system variables.

System variables.png

Custom variables

Edit and manage your data across multiple scenarios at once.

Custom variables are available only on Pro, Teams, and Enterprise pricing plans.

Avoid human errors and spend less time maintaining your scenarios. For example, you can create a custom email signature and use it in all scenarios that send emails to your customers. 

Go to the Variables tab in your Organization/Team dashboard to define your custom variables.

Custom variable example.png

Learn more about custom variables.

Improvements and changes

Operators groups and search in filters

When setting up a filter, you can now see the specific group of the operator you select in forms (text operators, numeric operators, etc). This helps you better identify what kind of filter is used as there are multiple groups with the same options.

You can also use the search field in filters to easily find the filter you are looking for.

Filter operators.png

New array functions

Added new array functions: first and last.

You can find the new array functions under the Functions for working with arrays tab in the mapping dialog.

First and last array functions.png

Fixed issues

  • When using Google Chrome, scenarios were not loading the module settings, specifically for Aggregator modules.

  • Pipedrive > Watch Activities module did not return output data when selecting the Choose manually option in the Choose where to start dialog.

  • When copy-pasting scenarios, mapping in some modules was not working correctly after pasting the modules.

  • Pipedrive > Update a Deal module wrongly reset the mapped time input value after saving the module.

  • The home dashboard displayed a limited number of scenarios but now displays a scrollable list.

  • Sharing templates via Facebook, Twitter, or email did not work.

July 13, 2022

Improvements and changes

Updated collapse and preview in forms

If you collapse the fields in forms, you can no longer see the Map button. Also, the preview appears on the same line as the label so it looks more visually pleasing and saves space.


Additional ReCaptcha options

If ReCaptcha fails during registration, new users can attempt again with an earlier version of ReCaptcha. This improvement provides people with more chances to successfully create a new account.

Fixed issues

  • In apps that use incremental authorization, it was not possible to extend the missing scopes automatically when using the default connection. For example in Jira Cloud Platform, Adobe Sign, Slack, Google Drive.

  • After reloading your browser, your selected team unexpectedly changed in some situations.

  • Enhanced internal checks for billing and subscription accuracy.

June 30, 2022

Improvements and changes

  • Make SDK: You can now add a custom header in the JWT-type connection. For more info, check the JWT connection in the Make SDK docs.

Fixed issues

  • When clicking the Refresh connection button in the module configuration panel, another connection was selected or the panel was closed completely.

  • Failed payments sometimes resulted in incorrect charges after updating the payment card.

June 15, 2022

Improvements and changes

Enhanced app search in the scenario builder

When searching for apps in the scenario builder, the term priority order has been improved according to

  • App name

  • App description

For example, when searching for the term “Email”, the Email app now appears in the first place.


Improved user interface messages

Updated user interface messages so now they are more user-friendly.

  • Simplified errors and warnings in the Migration tool

  • Changed communication banners for users who started their migration to Make

Better labels for refunds in payments history

Payments history now has improved labels for refund status.


Improved UX for lists

Hovering over a list item now highlights that row, making it easier to read and identify items on all screens. This works on all lists such as Data stores, Data structures, Connections, Webhooks.


More details in scenario list

The scenario list now includes information about who created the scenarios. Hovering over the creator reveals that user's email.

Make tracks the creators of scenarios since the middle of May 2022. Scenarios created earlier or migrated from Integromat do not show who created them.


Fixed issues

June 2, 2022

Fixed issues

  • Fixed repeated loading in forms.

  • It was not possible to search for or delete manually added values when mapping the values from one module to another. For example in Monday, Slack, Airtable.

  • In scenarios with JSON and Freshdesk, connections and data structures duplicated wrongly across teams when using copy-paste and export-import blueprint options.

  • RSA/SSH keys were not extracted correctly when trying to connect the SFTP module.

  • Pipedrive > Watch Activities module was not returning any data after scenario execution.

  • There were errors when mapping Monday > Update Column Values of a Specific Item module and the fields did not save correctly.

  • When trying to map a complex array with the XML > Parse XML module, the variables appeared broken.

  • For apps that load information dynamically and have two or more different connections, clicking the connection dropdown automatically selected a connection without the user clicking on it.

  • Mapped items disappeared after clicking the Refresh button. This issue appeared in Notion > Create a Database and Airtable > Create a record module.

  • Validation errors occurred when migrating scenarios with custom apps that contain an instant trigger and search or action modules.

  • Full-text search in scenario history did not find matches when using upper case.

  • Using Make's API did not successfully create API tokens.

  • Users with a paid organization could not create a free organization.

  • In rare cases, users were unintentionally logged out and lost unsaved changes.

  • The full-text search in scenario histories didn't work on free plans.

  • The Make logo flickered under some circumstances.

  • User dashboards only displayed four scenarios.

  • Changes in billing method were not reflected on screen.

  • Some organizations did not work properly after migration.

  • Recurring payments sometimes failed when calculating sales tax.

  • The Clone as a template button didn't work.

  • Links to templates didn't work across different geographical zones.

May 2022

Improvements and changes

Drag and drop items in collections

When working with items inside collections, you can now reorder items by dragging and dropping them. In Integromat, it was only possible to change the order of items by clicking the up and down arrows.


Resizing forms in the module configuration panel

Change the size of the forms in the module configuration panel by dragging the edge of the panel. You can adjust the size of the panels for an easier editing experience.


Preview collapsed fields in forms

See what you filled in your module configuration even when the module field is collapsed. It makes your configuration look more organized and neat. You can preview your configuration or mapping settings without opening the whole field.


Header menu in forms

Choose how to view your form fields, if you want to collapse all or expand all. You can also refresh the whole form.


More flexibility and clarity when buying extra operations

The dialog box for buying extra operations now has the following:

  • + and - buttons that change the number of operations in units of 1,000 operations.

  • A clear display of the total number of extra operations and the total price you pay for them.


Team > Users panel displays more user information

When managing team users from the Team > Users panel, you can now see the following information listed:

  • Email address

  • Date and time of the last login

Previously only the user name and team role were visible.


Fixed issues

April 2022

New features

  • Coupons for extra operations.

Improvements and changes

Fixed issues