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This is the Twitter app documentation using the latest Twitter API. If you are looking for the API v1.1 of the app documentation, refer to this link.

With the Twitter modules in Make, you can manage tweets, direct messages, likes, member lists, followers, and users in your Twitter account.

To use the Twitter modules, you must have a Twitter Developer account. You can create an account at

Refer to the Twitter API documentation for the list of available endpoints.


Module limits are set by your Twitter subscription package. Refer to the Twitter API v2 page of your developer portal or Twitter access levels for more information regarding limits.

Connect Twitter to Make

To connect your Twitter Developer account to Make, you must first obtain the Client ID and Client Secret from your Twitter account.

To establish the connection:

  1. Log in to your Twitter Developer account.

  2. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values shown. You will use these values in the Client ID and Client Secret field inMake.

  3. Log in to your Make account, add a Twitter module to your scenario, and click the Add button next to the Connection field.

  4. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  5. In the Client ID and Client Secret fields, enter the client credentials retrieved from your custom app.

  6. Click Save.

  7. If prompted, authenticate your account and confirm access.

You have successfully established the connection. You can now edit your scenario and add more Twitter modules. If your connection needs reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.

Create Custom App and Client Credentials in Twitter

  1. Log in to the Twitter Developer website.

    If you already have an existing app, go to Step 10 to continue.

  2. Click Developer Portal in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. Click Verify Phone. If you have already verified your phone number, skip to Step 7.

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Add your phone number and click Next.

  6. Fill in the code that you received on your phone.

  7. Return to the Twitter Developer website and then click Developer Portal.

  8. Click Sign up for Free Account.

  9. Describe your Make use cases, select all checkboxes, and click Submit.

    Twitter automatically creates a Project and an App within the Project. If you already have an existing app, refer to the Adding an Existing App to the Project section.

  10. Return to the Developer Portal and on the default Dashboard page select the app that was created for you. Then click Set up under User Authentication Settings.

    If you already have an app you would like to use, you can find the Client ID and Client Secret in the app details Keys and Tokens screen. See Step 14 for a reference image.

  11. Select the following options:

    • In the App Permissions section, select ReadWrite, and Direct Messages.

    • In the Type of App section, select Web App and Automated App or Bot.

    • In the App Info section, enter the following details:

      • Callback URI / Redirect URL:

      • Website URL:

  12. Click Save and confirm the prompt by clicking Yes.

  13. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values and store them in a safe place.

  14. You can also find the client credentials in the Keys and Tokens screen.


You have successfully created client credentials from your custom app.

Adding an Existing App to the Project

To add your existing app for connection, ensure that you remove the app from any projects that it is associated with and add the app to this project.

  1. To remove the app from existing projects, go to the project dashboard and click Projects & Apps in the left sidebar.

  2. Click on a project in the left sidebar. You will be taken to that project's Overview screen.

  3. Under the Apps section, click Manage.

  4. Click Remove from project for the app you want to remove.

  5. Go to the Project and select Add an existing app.

  6. Select the app you want to add to the project in the Add your App screen.

  7. Select the app environment and click Next.

  8. You will see a confirmation message that the app has been successfully added to the project.

  9. Click App Settings and configure the app as detailed in the Create Custom App and Client Credentials section.

Build Twitter Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Watch Tweets

  • Watch Tweets on a List

  • Watch Mentions

  • Search Tweets

  • List User Tweets

  • List Retweeters

  • List Mentions

  • Create a Tweet

    To create a tweet with media, upload the media file to the Upload a Media module in the Twitter Legacy app, get the Media ID from the module output, and map it in the Media ID field in this module.

  • Get a Tweet

  • Delete a Tweet

Direct Message
  • Watch Direct Messages

  • List Direct Messages

  • List Likes

  • Add a Member to a List

  • List Lists

  • List Followers

  • Get a User