Discord (legacy)

Version Legacy


This is a documentation of the legacy Discord (legacy) app. Here is a documentation of the new Discord app.

Getting started with Discord

To use any of the above modules, you need to connect your Discord account to Make. If you do not have a Discord account yet, you can create one at discordapp.com.

Connecting Discord to Make

To connect your Discord account to Make, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. When creating a connection, you will be requested to authorize the MakeProdBot to access your account.

Select the server and authorize the bot to access this server with appropriate permissions.

If you have no server in your account, you need to create at least one server.

Our module is an Make bot that should be authorized against a server.

You can authorize our bot to access your data, or you can create your own bot.

Once you have authorized the bot to access your data, you can continue and finish your scenario.

Creating a server and managing channels in Discord

Read this article to create a new server: create-server.

Create or choose your server in Discord and manage your channels - add, delete or configure.

Managing permissions

When you create a new connection, you can deselect permissions. In this case, some modules will not work properly.

Authorizing the bot to access your data

You can use predefined credentials by Make and authorize MakeProdBot to access your data.

Or you can create your own bot and use your own credentials:


Check the bot to require OAUTH2 CODE GRANT.

Configure your OAUTH in the application properly. When configuring the REDIRECTs in your application, do not forget to add this redirect url: 'https://www.integromat.com/oauth/cb/discord'.