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Connecting Make to Google services using a custom OAuth client

Make's modules let you enter your own OAuth 2.0 client credentials in the advanced settings. OAuth is a security authorization protocol to interact with your protected data that does not require sending your login information.

In order to create OAuth 2.0 credentials for your Google apps, you need to create your own project and a custom OAuth client in Google Cloud Console. This custom OAuth client is useful for connecting restricted Google services, like Google Drive or Gmail, to Make.

The following procedure is intended for:

  • Personal use ( and users)

  • Organizational use (Internal use within a business or other organization Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) users that prefer to use a custom OAuth client)


  • a Google account

To create a custom OAuth client for Google service you must do the following:

Watch the video

If you prefer video over the step-by-step text-based guide, the following video tutorials:

Google Drive App - OAuth Setup Workflow

Gmail App - OAuth Setup Workflow

Create a project

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform using your Google credentials.

  2. Go to the Dashboard and click Create project.

  3. Enter a name for your project and click Create.


Enable APIs

  1. Click Enable APIs and services.

  2. In the Enable APIs and services field, enter the name of the service you want to use (for example, Gmail API or Google Drive API).

  3. The desired service option should display as you type. Click the API/service you want to connect to Make.

  4. Click Enable.


Create credentials

  1. Go to Credentials in the Google developers console.

  2. Click Create credentials, and select OAuth client ID.

  3. Fill in the following fields and click Create.

    Application type

    Web application


    Application name. For example, Make

    Authorized redirect URIs

    Enter the redirect URI listed at Administration > Native apps > {app} > Connection in the Account parameters section.OAuth 2.0 setup

  4. A dialog displays your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy your Client ID and Secret or download a JSON file containing your credentials.


Enter your credentials on Make.

  1. Go to your Make scenario and choose the Google module you want to use.

  2. Next to Connection, click Add.

  3. Click Show advanced settings.

  4. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you retrieved in step 4 of the preceding procedure into the respective fields, then click Continue.

  5. Sign in with your Google account.

  6. The This app isn't verified window appears.


    The app referred to in this window is your OAuth client.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Click the check box next to Read, compose, send, and permanently delete all your email from Gmail and then click Allow to confirm your choices.


You have now established the connection to your chosen Google service using a custom OAuth client.

Common Problems

This happens rarely, but when it does, we recommend creating another OAuth client.

If this error message appears, you need to enable the corresponding API in your Google Cloud Platform.


To enable the API, follow the steps described above.


Google has added the required settings for the Consent screen. You'll need to add the email address associated with the Google account you want to connect with Make as a Test user.

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform using your Google credentials.

  2. Go to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen.

  3. In the Test Users section, click Add users to add a test user. Enter the email address associated with the Google account you want to connect with Make, and click Save.

  4. Now, go to Make, and connect to the desired Google service.

Your connection has expired and is no longer valid. You need to reauthorize the connection.

This error affects non-Google Workspace accounts. For more details please refer to the Google OAuth documentation.

Reauthorize your Google connection by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Make.

  2. Go to Connections.

  3. Find your Google connection and click Reauthorize button.



    To prevent the expiration of your Google connection, we suggest you to reauthorize the connection every week.