Connecting YouTube to Make via Google OAuth Client

Creating a Google OAuth 2.0 Client

In order to create Google API Credentials, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Google Developers Console account.

2. Click on the Select a Project button, and then click NEW PROJECT.


3. Enter the name for your project in the Project name field, and click on the CREATE button.

4. Open the API Library, and enable desired API. E.g., Youtube Data API v3.


5. Go to the APIs & Services > Credentials > OAuth consent screen tab.


5. Configure the OAuth consent screen.

Application name – E.g., Make.

Add Scope – Add required scopes. E.g., all YouTube scopes when using the Youtube API.


Authorized domains – enter and, and then press Enter.


6. Click on the Save button to save and close the OAuth consent screen dialog.

7. Create the OAuth client ID.


Add the the following redirect URI to the Authorized redirect URIs field:

OAuth redirect URI domain

Notice that the redirect URI starts with instead of This is currently a known issue in Make.

Make was formerly called Integromat, which means you can trust this URL as much as any Make URL.

Please make sure all your OAuth redirect URIs point to

8. Now, you can copy the Client ID and the Client Secret from the displayed dialog.


9. Go to Make, and open the Create a connection dialog of the desired YouTube module. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret in the respective fields.


Please make sure that you insert the Client ID and Client Secret without unnecessary spaces, otherwise, it won't be possible to establish the connection.

10. After you click the Continue button, Make will redirect you to the Google website, where you will be prompted to grant Make access to your account.

11. Click on the Advanced link.


12. Click on the Go to Make (unsafe) link.


13. Grant permission by clicking the Allow button.


14. Confirm your choice.


15. The connection using the Google OAuth 2.0 Client has been established.