Changing card details, billing address, and viewing invoices

Changing card details

You can change your payment method any time you want.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Change details > Change payment method.

    Change payment method.png
  2. Enter your card information, name on card, and country.

  3. Click Save card.

    We save your card for future payments. You can see the last 4 digits of your updated card in Dashboard > Payments > Payment method.


Changing billing address

You can change your billing address anytime you need in Make .

  1. Go to Dashboard > Change details > Change billing address.

    Dashboard change billing address .png
  2. Enter your information in the allocated space (email, name, address).

    Change billing address form.png

    If you have a company account, select Yes under I am a business.

    If you want Make to issue the invoice to your company (and not to you personally), make sure to add your company name and Company Tax ID.

  3. Click Save.

The new billing information automatically shows on your next invoice.

Sales tax

Only customers in the US pay sales tax.

We calculate sales tax based on your ZIP code.


Once you have created an invoice, it is no longer possible to change any billing details.


Make sends an invoice for every payment to the email set in your organization account. You can change your email address anytime.

To manually download an invoice, go to Dashboard > Payments. Click PDF on the invoice you want to download.


What to do when your card payment fails

When your card payment fails, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Payments tab.

  2. Click Finish payment.

  3. Enter valid card information in the Stripe payment window and click Pay.


Confirm payment by checking the Payments tab.