Upload files translated by RWS Language Cloud to items in Monday


This template periodically loads Monday items with the status "Working on it" and checks the translation for each item in RWS Language Cloud. If the translation is ready, Integromat retrieves translated files, uploads them to the item and sets the status of the item to "Done". The template expects your Monday board to have these columns beside the default ones: 1) RWS project id as text 2) Languages as dropdown 3) Source Files as files 4) Translated Files as files The template is scheduled to run every 15 minutes. You can change the schedule after you set up the template. If you want to extend this automation, take a look at the following [template](https://www.integromat.com/en/integration/8835-create-projects-in-rws-language-cloud-from-new-items-in-monday), that periodically checks for new items in Monday and uses the retrieved item's files to create new translation projects in RWS Language Cloud.

This is a predefined template that will make the creation of your scenario much easier. Of course, you can always expand and customize the scenario to meet your own individual needs.