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Automate your mobile world!

Our mobile applications are not intended to control Make, they do much more! They give you the power to connect your mobile phone with Make and do amazing things!

Working with SMS messages

Send SMS messages Send your customers an automatic SMS confirming receipt of their order, estimated date of delivery, or dispatch of goods; all from your mobile using your pricing plan.

Save SMS messages Save both received and outgoing SMS messages for backup. Receive and reply to SMS messages in Slack.



Incoming calls See (e.g. on your desktop) who’s calling you before you answer the phone. You will not only be able to see the name of the person calling you but also view detailed information about the caller. The displayed information can be from your company database or from anywhere on the Internet.

Outgoing calls Save the numbers you call and the call duration. Add this information to your customer data in your CRM system for better overview in the future.


Automate actions based on your phone’s location (GPS)

Motion tracking Keep records of where your employees go when they leave the office building during work hours. Record the movement of company-owned vehicles.

Location tracking Receive an alert when your child arrives or leaves from school. Trigger automated actions when you arrive or leave home.



Logging In & Out Get notifications when an employee disconnects from the company wifi and leaves work.

Turn off WiFi Automatically turn off the WiFi on your phone when you leave work and turn it on when you come home.



Automatically send your photos Back up photos from your mobile phone and copy them to another location. Automatically receive photos from your employees in the field.

Upload photos Automatically upload photos directly to your mobile phone. Automatically reduce photos so they occupy less space and upload them back to your phone.



Send contacts from your phone Automatically add new contacts from your phone to your company database or CRM system. Back up your contacts.

Upload contacts to your phone Keep the contacts in your employees’ mobile phones up-to-date. Any change in the company database or CRM system will automatically be sent to your employees’ mobile phones.