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How to Convert Google Sheets to Various Formats with CloudConvert

Feb 04, 2020 | 1 minutes
Colleagues with their laptops working with Google Sheets and CloudConvert.

What this scenario does: Fetches a Google Sheet in Google Drive, converts the file to PDF and uploads it back to Google Drive. 

Level Of Difficulty: Beginner 

Implementation Time: Approximately 15 mins 

Assumptions: Google Drive and CloudConvert connections are added. Watch/target folders created in Google Drive. 

We know you have been waiting for this one for awhile, so without further ado, here’s a simple way to automatically convert Google Sheets to almost any other format you want saving you valuable time. Pretty cool hey? Let’s jump in.

Configuring The Scenario

The scenario consists of the following modules:

  • Google Drive > Watch files in folder

  • CloudConvert > Convert a file

  • Google Drive > Upload a file

Here’s the scenario: 

 In the Google Drive > Watch files in folder module, select the folder to watch and under What files to watch, select Google Sheets from the drop-down menu: 

Now you need to create the CloudConvert API key which is found in the dashboard under API V2

 Let’s take a look at the CloudConvert module. Once the API key has been added successfully, select the upload a file option under Input file and select the Google Drive > Watch files in folder module as the Source file

 Under the Format field, choose the I want to select the input format option. The format of Google Sheets is xlsx therefore select it as the Input format. You can convert files to various formats as seen in the menu under Output format

In this example, convert to PDF

 You need to map the Title element outputted by the Google Drive> Watch files in folder module and enter .pdf which is a requirement in this field. 

Select the Download a file option under Export options in order to upload the file in the subsequent module: 

 The final module in the scenario is the Google Drive > Upload a file module. Here, select the Destination and Target folder that you want to upload the file to. 

Under Source File, select the CloudConvert module: 

 All done! Here is a look at a successful scenario execution: The Google Drive > Watch files in folder module fetches the file from the folder, CloudConvert converts the file to PDF and Google Drive > Upload a file module uploads the file to the target folder: 

Tada! Go ahead and convert those Google Sheets today!

Happy Automating!


Wayne Govender

Solutions Architect at Make who loves all things tech with a focus on workflow automation. Also enjoys fitness and spending too much time on YouTube.

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