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Partner up with Make and grow faster than ever

Drive growth and scale your business by helping customers build and automate anything with Make.


Let us help you bring automation to the world

There are so many ways to share the magic of Make - all it takes is the right partnership. We offer four programs to suit your needs and help you provide the best for your clients.

Affiliate Partners
Agency partners
Strategic Partners
Solution partners
Technology Partners
Technology partners
academic alliance
Academic alliance

Agency partners

Help businesses discover automation using Make’s platform. Help customers build and implement automation solutions, train their teams, and support them at every step along the way.

  • Join our ecosystem with access to our partner portal, use case library and other marketing resources
  • Get access to preferred support, a sandbox environment and all the other benefits of our partner program
  • Take advantage of joint marketing activities and collaborations with technology partners
Agency Partners

Solution partners

Are you a management consulting firm looking to integrate diverse software systems, technologies, and workflows? We can help you leverage Make Enterprise, which includes advanced security features, built-in apps, and custom functions.

  • Generate new revenue with Make's quick business impact potential
  • Expand revenue with existing accounts by adding extensibility and integrating previously disconnected processes
  • Form a close collaboration with the Make Enterprise sales team for maximum returns
Solution partners

Technology partners

Technology partners are independent software vendors looking to retain, engage, and grow their customer base through partnering with Make. We offer a program with many options to collaborate as part of our global family of 1,500+ apps and scale your integration offering to unprecedented heights.

  • Take advantage of specialized training, support, and resources
  • Participate in joint marketing activities, events, and more
  • Get unique insights from technical collaborations
Technology Partners

Academic alliance

Are you a university or a college teacher? Are you a researcher or a student preparing your thesis or a research project? Let's bridge the skill gap between academia and industry together. The Make Academic Alliance is designed to help build the automation skills of tomorrow’s professionals.

  • Get a free Make premium plan for yourself (as a teacher) and your students
  • Host guest lectures with us, and introduce your students to the world of automation
  • Discover and learn Make during our train-the-teacher workshops
  • Get teaching materials and support
Academic Alliance

Looking for a partner to help you build solutions?

Explore our partner directory, and find the perfect partner to meet your needs. Our network of partners provides professional automation services to help customers across the world innovate and grow their businesses.

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