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Slack Automation: 20 Free Solutions to Get You Inspired

May 28, 2021 | 8 minutes
slack-automation-illustration know it, you love it and so do we.

For most people, Slack serves as the go-to instant messaging (IM) tool to handle communications, productivity, and file sharing between teams.

Add its audio and video call features, and you are looking at a well-rounded platform for boosting team collaboration on all business levels (and let's not even get started on their upcoming Canvas).

Surprisingly enough, Slack capabilities don’t stop there. Thanks to its robust API, there’s a lot more to Slack than what the casual user might expect.

In this article, we will show you 20 Slack automation solutions you can implement to take the platform to the next level.

Ready to get inspired?

Slack integrations for workflow automation

Working with multiple apps simultaneously often requires moving data around, creating updates, and notifying people of changes.

At times, it can get frustrating and confusing, hence the need for workflow automation.

For instance, creating tasks on Todoist for your team can be time-consuming. However, this simple process can be improved with a Slack - Todoist integration, which would transform a Slack data output into a Todoist task, automatically.

While this is a bare-bones example, it provides a glimpse of the benefits of automating Slack:

  • Saving a tremendous amount of time

  • Ensuring accuracy of processes and tasks

  • Removing redundancies in communication

Below, you will find 20 examples of actual Slack processes you can automate with Make. For example, there is an available template that can be implemented in minutes, and without friction.

Note: You will need a Make account to create the integration. If you don’t have one yet, please register for free.

Slack integrations for lead generation

1. Connect Typeform to Slack to get your leads as messages

Form apps like Typeform are a proven and popular way to gather leads for your business. Needless to say, forms are not restricted to lead generation, and can be used to receive customer queries, gather survey data, and more.

By connecting Typeform with Slack, you will get a Slack message when someone submits a form answer. This is useful to jump in and close the deal in almost real-time!

2. Connect Eventbrite to Slack to track event attendees

Keeping track of event attendees is good marketing 101. Whether it’s for establishing further communications with them or to offer special discounts or complimentary tickets, Slack-Eventbrite integrations are here to help you.

With this solution, you can watch attendees that are:

  • Attending an event

  • Not attending an event

  • Paying / Not paying to attend an event

Grab this information and send it to Slack for your team to ensure your future events are fully sold out.

Slack integrations for sharing files and data

3. Connect Dropbox to Slack to share your important files

Whether you’re storing important files like reports and invoices or cooler things like holiday pics in the Maldives, using a platform like Dropbox is a fantastic option.

Sharing those files on Slack is a different story, as the task is a time-wasting process.

To solve this, nothing beats Dropbox - Slack integrations. By using the template below and adding filters, you will be able to automate file sharing from Dropbox to Slack.

The result? Files will be shared according to your prompts, finding the right people at the right time. And you won’t have to lift a finger for that to happen.

4. Connect Google Sheets to Slack to share new rows of data

Do you really want everyone to have access to your spreadsheet just to check for new data?

Of course not.

On the flip side, imagine having to manually send a Slack message every time there's a new row of data. That's just ridiculous.

Save yourself the effort and automate the process instead. You’ll thank us later!

Slack integrations for customer support

5. Connect Zendesk to Slack to get notifications for new tickets

Happy customers = more money.

For that to happen, you need to provide exceptional service. And a big component of this means replying to queries as soon as possible.

Sending Slack messages to your support team when new tickets are created in Zendesk will surely aid the greater goal of service excellence.

Slack integrations for ecommerce

6. Connect Shopify to Slack to get notified of abandoned checkouts

So close, and yet so far: This is how abandoned carts feel, every time.

Many customers get to that point of whipping out their credit card and making that purchase but then change their minds for whatever reason.

Now, what if you could reach out to your customers the moment they abandon the cart? You have to hit the iron when it’s hot, right?

The following automation will notify you on Slack when this happens, so you can remind your customers about what they're missing out on.

7. Connect Shopify to Slack to keep track of new purchase orders

This Shopify - Slack integration is ideal for those who want to get notified about new orders rather than having to open the Shopify admin page multiple times throughout the day.

Just keep Slack open and you’ll be notified about all your orders in one place thanks to this automation.

Slack integrations for social media tasks

8. Connect Facebook Groups to Slack to get notified about group posts

Facebook Groups are the bread and butter of many community builders, although they are not always easy to monitor.

Following up on posts can bring many benefits, including:

  • Customer feedback

  • Solutions for urgent queries

  • Data for future marketing campaigns

  • Insights on customer needs

This information can be vital for your business’s success. So, how to keep track of everything? Make is the answer.

The following automation will help you send new Facebook Group posts to a channel or person on Slack.

9. Connect Slack to Facebook Groups to create posts from messages

Is it possible to create Facebook Group posts from Slack messages? Of course, it is.

But why?

If you have multiple admins that work on posts, this template will help centralize the creative process.

10. Connect Twitter to Slack and get Twitter mentions automatically

Twitter mentions can not and should not be missed. Whether good or bad, you definitely need to be aware of mentions the moment they happen, so that you can provide a response if needed.

Since your Slack app is open all the time, this automation will smooth up the process by automatically sending Twitter mentions directly where they can’t be missed - your Slack channel.

11. Create Tweets from Slack messages

You knew this was next, didn’t you?

Just like the Slack to Facebook Groups integrations, this does the same thing but with Tweets instead.

Just tell Make which channel you want to watch, and whatever gets posted there will become a tweet in an account you manage. It’s that simple.

12. Automatically send Instagram photos and videos to Slack

This automation is useful to get everyone notified about what goes on and around the company’s Instagram.

In simpler terms, it brings cohesiveness and awareness of what and how the brand communicates.

Not everyone on your team is on Instagram, but everyone is on Slack. And this is how you let everyone know about new Instagram content.

Slack integrations for managing teams

13. Connect Slack to Todoist to create tasks from Slack messages

Creating tasks for your team is a never-ending task in itself. Moreover, everyone is touched by this process: From IT to HR, tasks need to be created for work to get done.

Granted, it’s a process only a few enjoy taking care of.

That's why you need this automation. By connecting Slack to Todoist, you will let Make retrieve messages in Slack and automatically create tasks for you on Todoist.

No more pain, no more friction, and a whole lot more time to focus on more interesting tasks.

14. Send a list of tasks by connecting ClickUp to Slack

This automation is useful for those who need to remind their teammates about tasks that are on their plate or to post weekly updates regarding a series of tasks.

Instead of copy-pasting the information, Make will round up the tasks in your ClickUp project and share them with your team on Slack.

The result: Increased transparency, accountability, and more time to focus on what matters the most.

15. Share industry news automatically to a dedicated Slack channel

Sharing industry news is commonplace in Slack; automating the task of doing so is not.

Using this RSS - Slack integration (plus a filter), you can get all the relevant industry news on a dedicated Slack channel, without having to scour through a website on a regular basis.

Slack integrations for email

16. Connect your email to Slack to receive new emails as Slack messages

Let’s face it, inboxes can get out of control. A simple email - Slack integration is how to put an end to the madness.

You can use Make to retrieve new emails from any inbox and send them to the right people via Slack to create an organized email distribution system.

Slack integrations for schedule management

17. Connect Google Calendar to Slack to post Google calendar events scheduled for tomorrow on Slack

Syncing your Calendar with Slack not only provides convenience, but it's also completely necessary to stay on top of upcoming events.

As expected, Make can help you solve this.

The automation below will send a reminder to Slack for an event that’s taking place the following day.

You can forget about last-minute calendar checks and those dreaded “Oh no!” moments.

Slack integrations for sales processes

18. Connect Quickbooks to Slack to send invoices as messages

Back-and-forths between sales, accounting, and management are just not needed with this automation.

This automation lets everyone check if everything is invoiced on a shared Slack channel. Say goodbye to invoices as email attachments, once and for all.

Slack integrations for time tracking

19. Connect Harvest to Slack to send Slack messages about new projects

Online time tracking and remote work go hand in hand, and Slack integrations are ideal to stay on top of projects.

By connecting Harvest to Slack, you can:

  • Receive invoices on Slack for time worked

  • Manage projects to ensure they stay within budget

  • Monitor which projects your team spends the most time on

As you add new projects to your tracking app, you’ll need to keep your team posted as well so that everyone is on the same page.

Once you set up this template, you will automatically receive information about every new project added to the Harvest time tracking app.

Slack integrations for software development

20. Connect GitHub to Slack to send new GitHub comments as messages

Getting your dev team on the same page is key to a project’s success.

To achieve this, you can connect your GitHub account to Slack, and let every developer on any given project know about new comments made to Git.


20 Slack automation might sound like a lot, but we barely scratched the surface here.

Make allows you to connect Slack to 700+ apps, and create workflows with multiple steps and several logic branches.

All it takes is a bit of tinkering, and the drive to make work smarter, and lighter.

Happy automating!


Wayne Govender

Solutions Architect at Make who loves all things tech with a focus on workflow automation. Also enjoys fitness and spending too much time on YouTube.

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