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Work the way you imagine #withMake

Make is the leading visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything—from tasks and workflows to apps and systems—without the need for coding skills. Make enables individuals, teams, and enterprises across all verticals to create powerful custom solutions that scale their businesses faster than ever.


Who we are

Our mission is to empower people to visually create, build, and automate at the speed of their ideas. Inspired by our amazing community, we’ve realized our platform is more than just integration and automation.

Put simply, we realized our users are not users: they’re Makers. No-code tools are just that; they enable users to build and automate, without writing any code.

We offer something more: a visual language that democratizes development, makes processes tangible, and fosters team collaboration, regardless of technical skills.

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Makers around the world

Our passion for Make is what unites us, and we strongly believe in empowering anyone with the ability to innovate and automate.

Make is home to a global, diverse group of people that collaborates, shares, and grows together.

We are headquartered in the flourishing tech hub of Prague, Czech Republic but our Makers can be found all over the globe.

Milkyway = Makers are chocolate lovers