Data analysis and integration to generate comprehensive reports

Compiling accurate data rapidly through report automation enables you to make detail-driven decisions based on real-time insights, and share your own progress and findings. Make streamlines this process by linking your data sources to your databases and analytics tools - and can even bring in AI functionality to drill deeper.

Data analysis and integration to generate comprehensive reports

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Reporting automation yields accurate analysis

Keep the data you need always in reach with Make. Explore automation reporting scenarios that generate keyword analysis and performance reports for blogs, social media, websites, and more.

Reporting automation yields accurate analysis


Solutions to automate your reporting and analytics

  • Website traffic report generation
  • Email campaign performance tracking
  • Generate social media performance reports
  • Ad spend performance
  • Analyze content performance
  • Marketing channel performance reporting

Automated Marketing Analytics: What Are You Missing Out On?

You don’t need a Fields Medal recipient to answer the question of how to automate marketing analytics: A good strategy and a Make account are more than enough to create the outcomes that matter to your business and stakeholders.

Automated Marketing Analytics: What Are You Missing Out On?


How do I get started with Make?
What is a scenario?
What is a module?
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How it works

Traditional no-code iPaaS platforms are linear and non-intuitive. Make allows you to visually create, build, and automate without limits.

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"Make really helped us to scale our operations, take the friction out of our processes, reduce costs, and relieved our support team. It is difficult to not become a fan."


Head of Operations at Teleclinic

"Make drives unprecedented efficiency within our business in ways we never imagined. It’s having an extra employee (or 10) for a fraction of the cost."

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"The simplicity, flexibility and ability to build real complex automations without any knowledge of programming makes it the best thing since sliced bread."

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"True citizen development in the entire company. Make is present in every department, empowering the company to offer a unique customer experience."

Andreas Wixler

CTO & Co-founder at FINN