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3 Simple Reasons That Explain the Importance of Workflow Automation

Oct 31, 2017 | 4 minutes
Is workflow automation the future of work?

Automating your work so you can actually do your work is all the rage right now. You’re reading this because of that. 

Hell, we made a whole business out of it! 

But more than just a fancy way to work in Industry 4.0, it’s a way to actually work faster and more efficiently whilst still using all of the tools that are available to us. Automation helps to use these tools in the manner in which they should be used — to help streamline our work processes, instead of adding another step. 

Here is where we come in — Make. Make is the most advanced online automation platform on the market. We’ve redefined the work automation scene so you can get back to what matters the most — your work.

Our platform seamlessly connects apps and services together in functional scenarios. It allows you to choose your needed apps/services and connect them through different modules, tools, and filter options to transport and transform data as you see fit. 

And on top of that, its capacity to connect to services using JSON and HTTP/SOAP modules and the ability to create your own apps on our developer platform, allows you to virtually automate anything. 

By using our user-friendly and simple scenario editor, easily connect your apps/services through drag and drop command and all without any knowledge of a programming language or code. 

Sounds easy, right? 

Well, if you are still sitting on the fence and needing a few reasons why to jump on the automation bandwagon with Make, here you go:

1. Spend less time

Conversing with a colleague on a chat system, and spending to much time uploading the shared files on this resource to your CRM system? 

Tediously, compiling and organizing information from an online form into a workable spreadsheet? 

Accounting team manually grabbing contact details, generating invoices and emailing customers? 

Sound familiar? 

The ServiceNow 2017’s State of Work study states that “9 out of 10 skilled employees spend too much time on manual tasks”. In that same study, it quantifies this with the number of hours by reporting, “business leaders spend 16 hours per week on manual tasks”. In one month that’s 8 working days. 

Can you imagine what you would do with 8 extra days a month? You could start that new project, launch that new app, go through a change management process you’ve been putting off, or simply get out of work early to catch your child’s soccer game. You could unleash productivity in employees by getting them out of menial tasks and into the grit of their work. You could flourish with creativity and inspire others to afford the time to ponder ideas that could expand your business. 

With the help of Make you can. Make bolsters an unlimited amount of steps and branching in a single scenario and executes in real-time. So as complex or simple as you need, your scenarios will execute for you and transfer and transform your data, automatically. 

It also offers unique features like error handlers that allow you to deal with unexpected errors easily and efficiently without wasting your time. It moves your data to wherever it needs to be, while you concentrate on building your work, or dare I say dream.

2. Spend less money

Less time, great. Less money, better. 

Saving time is one thing, but the amount of money saved is another. As we are well aware, there are new apps/services being created all the time. And, some of these become essential to your work. 

The problem is that you are probably using many different apps/services and they don’t always communicate with each other. 

So up to now, work automation solutions have been limited and caught up in a few streams and are quite expensive. 

The first option requires manual work by employees. If you have just one employee manually transferring data between services, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars a month. 

The second option is custom integrations solutions. Although helpful, these can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Make, you can create the solutions yourself and for a nominal fee

With capabilities to connect services using JSON and HTTP/SOAP modules, and the ability to create your own apps on our developer platform, you can literally automate anything.

Automate your wildest dreams with HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules or create your own app

In the end, it saves you money from having an employee do it or for paying for custom integration solutions. In some cases, automation solutions like Make can save companies 20–30% of their revenue that they would otherwise be spent on inefficiencies.

3. Get back to what matters the most

And to bring it all together with one last baseball analogy, Yogi Berra once said, “ …cash, it’s as good as money”. And well time is also as good as money. 

Automating your work with the help of Make, will save you time and cash but will also help you get back to what matters the most. 

Your core business, your creativity, your ingenuity, and your dream.

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!


Jessica Herauf

Partnerships Manager at Make. I like to travel, explore nature, and I love to hear a good story.

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