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The 6 Major Benefits Businesses Can Derive from Project Management Software

Jun 12, 2019 | 3 minutes
Two colleagues with a laptop planning next business steps.

Project management software helps businesses of all sizes organize and manage tasks in a manner that boosts productivity across the organization. 

Fast-evolving technology trends have made it necessary for companies to have robust project management practices in place and deploying a project management tool is the first step towards that. 

Here are the 6 core benefits of using a task management tool:

1. Empower your workforce

Companies look for a project management tool that adapts to their needs. A project management tool is capable of giving project-related updates in real-time and organizing data in the order of importance. 

There is no reason to fear a task management system as it is fairly easy to learn and use. Companies have their workforce engaged in different functions and a project management software makes it easier for managers to supervise the task force while taking care of core business functions. 

A task management tool gives the flexibility to the managers to do a lot more without getting overwhelmed.

2. Provide easy access to data

With mobile devices becoming the norm to carry out fieldwork, there has never been a better time to deploy project management software. Reliable and affordable mobile internet ensures maximum speed and access to all functions anytime, anywhere. 

As smartphones reach near ubiquity, business owners are able to extract the true value of project management software

Sales executives and field staff can look up customer data in a task management tool quickly and update the task status with a couple of clicks, ensuring that everybody stays on the same page.

3. Organize projects into tasks and subtasks

Task overload is common for projects involving multiple stakeholders and the only solution is to organize tasks in a manner that reduces overwhelm. This is where project management software really shines. 

Project management tools have the capabilities to create subtasks within tasks and assign each of them to different people. This enables teams to assign tasks to the right people and stay in sync.

4. Improve team collaboration

Team collaboration is high in significance for all businesses but can become daunting in the absence of task management software. Assigning tasks and keeping track of progress can get very hectic if done manually or even using team chat apps

This is perhaps one of the main reasons for the rapid adoption of a task management system by companies big and small. It makes task collaboration effortless and allows team members to share and discuss ideas without losing them in a sea of messages.

5. Keep your data safe

Cyber-attacks have increased in recent years and it is of utmost importance to keep business data secure and devoid of risks. Task management tools have inbuilt security features that keep confidential data safe from attacks. 

Moreover, each task is visible only to the people it concerns, ensuring that the right people have access to information.

6. Make use of modern tools

Task management software comes with useful features like custom fields, charts, and various task views. You can store data in different formats under custom fields to make task attribution and data consumption easier. 

The same data can be viewed as custom graphs and charts when needed to be presented. Task views such as lists, boards, and timelines allow individuals to visualize tasks, statuses and due dates in a manner most suited to them. 

Most project management software also contains basic tools such as notes, calendar, and time-tracking, all of which ensure that users don’t need to jump from one tool to another to carry out their day-to-day work. 

Lastly, you can integrate task management tools with any third-party software using a workflow automation tool like Make. Back in the days, deploying a task management software was considered to be a massive undertaking. 

Today, it has become a necessity for companies to operate smoothly. If you’re using a project management tool or planning to use one, I’d love to hear from you.


Shyamal Parikh

Shyamal Parikh is the CEO of SmartTask.

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