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New in Make: Capabilities To Revamp and Scale Business Processes

Jan 26, 2023
Capabilities To Revamp and Scale Business Processes - updated

Innovation unlocks sustainable growth, but what’s the right path when software is limited, developer resources expensive, and employees lack the tools to solve complex business problems themselves?

Given these challenges, we are committed to growing our visual automation platform with exclusive features that streamline critical business processes of fast-scaling businesses. 

Let's take a closer look at four new capabilities launching today that boost productivity and drive faster time-to-cash and value across the entire organization.

1. New feature: Custom functions

A groundbreaking addition to Make, custom functions allow you to add intelligence to your workflows and teams.

Custom functions simplify data transformation at scale within your existing processes.  

By using them, you’ll be able to:

  • Empower technical users to easily build multiple functions that manipulate and transform data in complex ways.

  • Simplify the management and maintenance of custom functions by testing and debugging right under the “functions” tab using a single view.

  • Enable technical and non-technical users to reuse powerful pre-built functions to boost existing workflows without writing the code themselves.

Curious about use cases? We’ve identified a number of interesting ones, including:

  • Execute payroll on the first business Friday of every month.

  • Determine whether a given date is a weekday.

  • Identify whether data is a number, string, array, or a collection.

  • Extract UTM parameters from a URL.

  • Calculate tax based on complex formulas.

  • Search for duplications and pairing records from different systems.

Custom functions are available on the Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our guide.

2. New app: Workday Human Capital Management 

Whether you are using Workday Human Capital Management, BambooHR, Greenhouse, or another app to manage your daily HR operations, an efficient onboarding process is necessary for new employees to immediately start adding value. 

Use Workday Capital Management in Make to:

  • Integrate HR onboarding processes and systems to boost productivity and effectiveness. 

  • Redefine HR operations to reduce manual data errors and improve overall compliance and reporting accuracy.

Workday Human Capital Management is available on the Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our guide.

3. New app: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

A single source of truth is essential for marketing and sales teams to make accurate decisions about demand generation campaigns, and close deals faster.

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in Make to:

  • Sync marketing and sales processes that strengthen internal communication, customer relationships, and sales intelligence. 

  • Transform processes that enrich sales leads and pipeline data. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM  is available on the Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our guide.

4. New app: Netsuite 

Tech stacks in fast-growing businesses are complex and often disjointed due to the rising number of apps used in every department.

Information and data sharing between teams aren’t transparent, which often impacts the critical business processes needed to drive faster time-to-cash.

Use Netsuite in Make to:

  • Unify finance and ops processes that sync databases, and automate invoicing for faster cash collection.

  • Integrate company-wide systems to boost operational excellence and cut expenses across the business.

Netsuite is available on the Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our guide.

Get better results by connecting enterprise apps and automating processes across the business 

2023 won’t be a walk in the park, and having the capacity to build, and automate processes across your teams will be more important than ever before. 

The key areas of the business that can be scaled by connecting and automating enterprise apps with Make are:

  • Onboarding and offboarding management: Elevate onboarding and offboarding processes by automating every single touchpoint.

  • Data integration: Automatically sync systems and apps to improve data accuracy and drive better business decisions. 

  • Compliance and risk management: Immediately identify, isolate, and respond to IT risks and security threats with automated notifications sent to team members.

  • Internal communication and engagement: Streamline communication with automated updates, notifications, and handovers across functional teams. 

Final thoughts 

We’re excited to launch a new bundle of features and apps to continue to support and demonstrate our commitment to our Enterprise plan customers.

These new capabilities can drive the type of business productivity, growth, and agility your company demands in a short period of time.

To learn more, check out the custom functions demo video and our dedicated app pages (Workday Human Capital Management, Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM) for more details.

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