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AI on Make: 8 Apps to Scale Your Use of Artificial Intelligence

Aug 03, 2023
AI apps on Make

Let’s face it: Surfing the AI tsunami is becoming increasingly difficult as the supply of AI applications grows into dozens and hundreds of offerings. 

This problem is particularly relevant for companies, creating bottlenecks in testing, procurement, and value generation.

In other words, with so many new AI apps available, it’s hard to deploy them at scale and generate real, measurable value in the short term. 

The result is bittersweet: When things don’t work out the way we imagine, frustration takes over and resistance to change grows.  

This raises an important question: How to scale AI? 

And perhaps most importantly: How to do it in a way that is user-friendly, fast, and cost-efficient? 

The answer to these requirements is Make, and we’ll dedicate this article to showing you why. 

AI integrations: Getting the most of multiple AI apps in a single environment

Being capable of seamlessly integrating apps is not just an innovation, but also a necessity. 

This applies to every app used in a business environment, and in the wake of the new AI era, it is extensive to AI apps as well. 

And yet, most are still focused on what AI tools can do in isolation, failing to recognize the exponential power they hold when integrated across various platforms and processes. 

For the sheer majority of companies, integrations represent the best way to scale the use of AI apps, and this is something that Make excels at. 

Let’s take a look at the latest AI apps available on Make, what they do, and see examples of ready-to-use AI integrations.

AI on Make: 8 popular apps

To make your AI integrations journey easier, we've listed popular AI apps available on Make, including Pinecone, Synthesia, Leap AI, Mem, Chatbase, Hugging Face, Eleven Labs, and OpenAI.

Let’s take a more detailed look at them.


Pinecone is a fully-managed, scalable vector database and long-term memory solution for AI. With Pinecone, effectively store and retrieve complex data from AI apps such as OpenAI.

With Make, you can automate time-consuming tasks like getting, deleting, updating, querying, and upserting vectors on a per-need basis.


Synthesia is an AI video creation tool that enables you to create videos from text in 120+ languages. Popular among up-and-coming social media creators, it allows you to create engaging videos and automatically upload your videos to your social media channels. 

With Make, you can automate tasks like creating a video from an existing Synthesia template and getting notified (or notify others!) when a new video is created.

Leap AI

Leap AI is a platform that lets you create images from text and fine-tune your models to generate pictures from your own data. 

Without a doubt, Leap AI is an interesting addition for any company involved in content creation, ranging from online creators to film and photography studios. 

By using Make to integrate Leap AI with other apps, opportunities to automate further become real: You can automatically create and train AI models, as well as generate images and upload them to one or more models. 


Mem is an AI knowledge assistant that lets you organize your personal workspaces, such as productivity, task management, and CRM applications.

Store, share, access, and manage your knowledge base by connecting Mems with your favorite apps all within Make.


Chatbase lets you build an AI-powered chatbot trained on your data. Isn’t that something we all want at some point?

Well, Chatbase provides it: Just upload your resources and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot that sends real-time responses to support your customer queries.

With Make, you can automatically call the Chatbase API as you need, and also send messages to a chatbot and receive the corresponding responses.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI community and data science platform that enables users to build, train, and deploy machine learning models based on open-source code.

Combine it with Make, and you’ll be able to automate its key capabilities, such as summarizing, classifying, and translating texts.


Elevenlabs is a text-to-speech AI tool that can adjust voice, style, and language. 

Use Make to automatically create compelling voiceovers and share them across your tools and platforms.

OpenAI: Whisper 

On top of previous modules, Make supports Whisper for OpenAI, which allows you to easily document speech-to-text and create translations across your SaaS tools in seconds.

Final words: Helping AI apps deliver on their promises

The integration of AI apps is like turning a spotlight on a hidden treasure, revealing capabilities that aren’t always easy to recognize. 

One thing seems clear though: Until artificial general intelligence becomes a reality, the future of AI is unlikely to be tied to an individual app, but to a series of interconnected solutions that help you meet the evolving demands of your complex business environment. 

For those who’re willing to explore and embrace this interconnected landscape, the only missing piece is a Make account. Get yours, and let AI scale the way you imagine!


Martin Etchegaray

Content Manager and Senior Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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