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Insider’s Scoop: What Are the Most Used Apps by Certified Make Partners

Oct 30, 2020 | 4 minutes

In September 2019, we launched our Partner Program, hoping to get enthusiastic automators onboard to help us spread the power of Make. 

A little over a year later we are proud to announce that the program became successful beyond our imagination. 

Today, we are celebrating the 300+ partners that have achieved “Certified” status, spanning 56 countries and 51 languages.

What is a certified Make partner?

Certified Make Partners provide automation services to help customers integrate and streamline their workflows and businesses, and they use Make to do it. 

You can see them as the ultimate Make specialists. They evaluate and optimize workflows and processes within an organization by designing, creating, and maintaining apps integrations. 

In order to celebrate this special occasion, we want to shine the spotlight on our partners. With this in mind, we asked them about their favorite apps. 

When it comes to apps, few opinions carry more weight than the ones from those who automate every single day, and here’s what they told us.

Partner #1: Stackrie is a Brooklyn-based company that defines itself as a “tech-stack bakery”. They help small teams with big goals reduce the amount of manual work to get stuff done.

Favorite apps

1. Airtable: 

'Airtable is an incredibly versatile no-code database tool. When connected to Make, companies can automate the storage, sharing, and synchronization, of key information across platforms.' 

2. ClickUp 

'We manage our projects and tasks in ClickUp. It's important for us to be able to add information to ClickUp with automated workflows, instead of manually, to eliminate re-work and stay productive. Make helps us supercharge our ClickUp workspace. We add new leads to ClickUp from our website and Gmail inbox. It houses client portals and project documents.'

Partner #2: CyberBytes is a Copper CRM consulting/integration partner, specializing in G Suite cloud. CyberBytes helps companies improve their business processes and run more efficiently by leveraging external software and automation.

Favorite apps

1. Slite 

'Hidden gem that you can use for internal documentation and collaboration with clients.' 

2. Copper CRM 

'It has the best and deepest Google Workspace integration of any CRM on the market.'

Partner #3: Pluscloud helps organizations innovate and improve relationships with their customers. They combine multiple skills to create smart workflows for Customer Service and Sales teams in Zendesk, and integrate third-party solutions to improve the experience of customers and users.

Favorite apps

1. Zendesk Support 

'It allows us to create really advanced workflows for our Zendesk customers.' 

2. ClickUp 

'Enhances our workflow with other apps and keeps track of tasks we need to do.'

Partner #4: Prettysimpl

Hailing from South Africa, Prettysimpl caters to businesses across the globe with automation consultancy, support, and training. 

They work with clients to plan, select, implement, and integrate the best-suited business apps to reduce manual admin burden and increase customer value.

Favorite apps

1. Missive 

'Great team, awesome features, and constant improvement.' 

2. ApolloHQ 

'Can manage a client from prospect through deal and project to support on a single platform. Has a great timekeeping function.' 

3. AppBind 

'For an agency, this is the best tool to manage licenses and credentials with clients.' 

4. eSignatures 

‘Responsive, secure, and versatile e-signature tool - best on the market by a long way in my opinion.' 

5. TimeTap 

'Super powerful appointment scheduling app with comprehensive API.'

Partner #5: Wiseflow is dedicated to building automations that work, delivering results, and helping businesses focus on what matters the most to them.

Favorite apps

1. Stripe 

'Yes, it is possible to build a complex Stripe integration without being a developer' 

2. Slack  

'Amazing user experience across devices' 

3. Google Sheets 

'Best utility app. Simple, flexible and powerful' 

4. Shopify 

'Easy to work with despite the complexity of the product, especially when comparing with the Etsy app'

Partner #6: Andy Wingrave Wingrave has been automating workflows for over 7 years. What started out as solving problems for the companies he worked at has turned into a passion that he is pleased to be able to spend his free time exploring.

Favorite apps

1. Airtable 

'Airtable is the best, most versatile app I’ve ever used. I rolled it out to my team at Mixpanel, and since then I’ve been hooked. It acts as my to-do-list, CRM, Project Management Tool, and so much more. It’s a phenomenal piece of kit, and it absolutely sings when used with Make.'

Partner #7: Kipanga specializes in ecommerce solutions as well as designing and implementing custom cloud solutions. They offer a complete end-to-end range of services built with Make.

Favorite apps

1. Amazon Lambda 

'Anything that requires custom code can be plugged in easily and quickly. To me, that's the Swiss army knife when nothing else cuts it!'

Favorites among partners

When talking to our partners about apps, we realized one thing: no size fits all. 

Different tools are used for different industries and business sizes, and we ended up with a mile-long list of apps, big and small, that dominate the work of our partners. 

While that list is too long for a blog article, we noticed a pattern. A handful of apps just ruled the arena by a long shot:

Slack outshined just about every other tool when it came to internal communications. ClickUp proved to be versatile and used for purposes of communication, customer management, and more. And Stripe was chosen as the preferred payment platform.


Our partners made their picks, so how about you? 

We know integrations are a world in itself, which is why we have our partners on hand to help you overcome the obstacles to effective and automated work. 

Feel free to get in touch with them to get the most out of your tools. 

If otherwise, you are an automation enthusiast, consider joining the Make expert pool. You will be in good company. 

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has been with us on the Make journey in one way or another. We are incredibly lucky to have you by our side. 

To automation!


Manuela Mitevova

Content Manager at Make. I’m a writer, reader, and communicator. When I’m not doing that, I’m outdoors exploring, pretending to voice a nature documentary.

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