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Learning Automation: Introducing the New Make Academy

Jan 11, 2023
Learning Automation Introducing the Make Academy

Learning automation is tempting these days - the real problem is where to start. 

With so many available automation courses, books, communities, and resources, it can be hard to take the first step to upskill in this highly-demanded area.

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of the Make Academy! 

Our new online learning platform will help you become a skilled automation specialist in a matter of days.


What is the Make Academy?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow - and the Academy aims to provide this in a simple, accessible manner. 

The Make Academy offers free qualifications to level up your automation skills.

We know that learning a new skill can be overwhelming at times, and this is why we structured a learning path around tutorials that will allow you to:

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • Easily understand key automation concepts.

  • Build automation solutions as you learn and see them come to life.

Our courses were developed by expert Makers that work closely with the product and know every single aspect of the platform like the back of their hand.

In addition, you will receive digital badges that you can share with your network to prove your hard-earned skills.

The result is a rewarding learning experience that you can potentially transform into job opportunities and interesting career options.

How to get started with the Make Academy?

The only thing you need to get full free access to the Make Academy is a Make account

A free account will work, but you’ll have more leeway with a paid one.

Once you have it, visit the Make Academy site and log in with your Make account credentials.

At this point, you’ll be ready to complete the Make Foundation qualification


This course consists of four tutorials, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your first automation (aka “scenario”).

  • Expand your first scenario into a more complex one.

  • Calculate operations (useful for automation efficiency and budgeting).

  • Access all the internal tools available in Make.

After completing these, you’ll be able to take the final assessment and get your official certification.

Why learn automation with Make?

Our platform allows anyone to automate and build anything without code. 

On top of this, it’s one of the most powerful tools in the market, bringing value to an incredible range of users - from individuals and solopreneurs to companies like Adidas, Heineken, and Spotify.

By mastering Make, you’ll gain more than just a series of skills. You’ll be able to think with an automation-first approach and solve all kinds of problems across all kinds of industries.

Based on our observations, every area - from marketing and ecommerce to education and IT - is reaping the benefits of Make-powered solutions, and the opportunities to automate further are growing every year.

Conclusion: Start today to get ahead of the pack

Adding a new skill to your arsenal is important, and more so when the skill in question is automation.

Being knowledgeable in automation is in high demand, and will put you in a prime position to become an automation freelancer, start your own automation agency, improve your career development, and even recession-proof your business from economic downturns.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started, and a few hours to get officially certified. 

Get your Make account, and don’t sleep on it: New opportunities and exciting projects await!


Paul Brophy

E-Learning Content Manager at Make, working in further/higher Education, Healthcare and Accounting. I like D&D, memes, football, and running (in that order).

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