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LinkedIn and Make: Reliably Powering Growth for Celonis

Jun 13, 2023

With its LinkedIn pipeline generating leads fast, Celonis turned to Make to scale its signup process. Now, as Celonis attracts more interest than ever, Make is playing an expanding, critical role in handling growth.

Celonis, the global leader in execution management with 3,000+ employees across the globe, has been enjoying exponential growth over the past few years, and LinkedIn has served as a shop window to show off the process mining company’s capabilities. It’s a particularly valuable shop window: LinkedIn makes it easy for prospective customers to share their details and express their interest in a more in-depth conversation.

Leading leads to the right place

A few simple leads a week? No problem: LinkedIn makes it easy to download a report and make sure everyone gets a follow-up. But as Celonis’ approach to marketing became more sophisticated - and the leads multiplied - so did the risk of things going wrong.

Celonis’ Head of Performance Marketing Cristina Bloyd faced multiple challenges: How to offer people signing up some valuable gated content? How to do it without them leaving LinkedIn, which makes it so easy for them to share their details? And as volume grows, how could Celonis best get the leads to Pardot? Most importantly, how could Celonis do this confidently, ensuring no leads slipped between the cracks?

Is automation the answer?

When she started testing Make, Cristina was more of an automation skeptic than a newbie. That’s because she’d already tried using other solutions to get information to the right place. 

But these involved routing people away from LinkedIn to share valuable gated content - which made it harder for prospective customers to share their contact details. And in one case, it even resulted in a worry that leads were being lost, which required an onerous routine of manual checks - which meant there was still a lot of headroom for efficiency.

As Cristina puts it, “We used to worry about things falling out the funnel, but Make was a game changer. Cost per lead went down, we handled a much higher volume of leads, and most importantly we could trust it. We saw a 50% increase in leads using lead gen forms on LinkedIn. By seeing more reliability with Make we were able to standardize campaigns on LinkedIn.”


Make plays perfectly with LinkedIn, meaning Celonis benefits from the ease of data capture they offer, with the power of Pardot, with Make running things smoothly in between. So unsurprisingly, when it came to organizing Celonis’ flagship World Tour event series, Make stepped in to manage data capture from LinkedIn event pages.

Using similar automation, Celonis is now able to automatically capture participant data and route it to Pardot, no human intervention needed.

From skeptic to believer

LinkedIn has been a cornerstone of Celonis’ growth strategy, and Make has ensured the process is smooth, efficient and reliable. Cristina is clear:

Make is the superior solution for integrating with LinkedIn to manage leads. It’s intuitive and easy to use, even for someone who doesn’t have a technical background.

Dan Etheridge - Make

Dan Etheridge

Head of Brand, Content & Comms and Make. When I'm not talking about automation, you can find me skiing in the Alps or exploring the East London food scene.

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