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New in Make: Introducing Salesloft to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Jun 14, 2023
Salesloft integrations

Losing revenue from the inability to successfully align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies is a growing challenge for tech businesses. 

In fact, sales and marketing misalignment cost businesses more than $1 trillion each year and 10% or more in annual revenue.

However, fast-scaling companies with an efficient marketing funnel and responsive sales reps are almost seven times more likely to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers.

Make helps you achieve this goal by connecting your marketing and sales tools so your sales reps engage with prospects faster.

Today, we are excited to announce the popular Salesloft app is now available in Make! 

Let’s take a closer look at how Make can successfully align your marketing and sales teams and unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and revenue generation.

Salesloft integrations: The Make connection

If you’re looking to get high-quality leads into the hands of your sales reps faster, Make is the answer.

By using Make’s visual automation platform to integrate Salesloft, you can:

  • Maximize your team’s potential: stay focused and achieve more together as a sales and marketing group.

  • Boost your sales pipeline: optimize your marketing funnel by integrating your marketing tools and CRM with Salesloft.

  • Accelerate your sales rep response time: assign, distribute, and notify sales reps of new leads in real-time.

Salesloft is available on the Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our detailed guide and integration page.

Automating lead management with Make

Make’s automation platform lets you visually connect your tech stack and apps in an easy, secure manner.

With a few clicks, you can watch your data flowing between your tools - and there’s more!

For example, look how easy it is to connect your instant messaging app (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams) to ensure that your sales reps get notified of new leads in real-time.

Salesloft integration example

Getting started is easy

If you already are a Make customer on the Enterprise Plan, log in to your account and add your Salesloft connection to any automation or integration that you wish to build.

It is that easy!

New to Make? No worries! Speak to one of our experienced account executives to learn more about how Make can support your business objectives.

Elevate your sales and marketing team by getting the most out of Salesloft 

As part of our commitment to supporting the growth of tech businesses, we are expanding our extensive library of integrations on a daily basis.

This latest announcement helps to align sales and marketing teams and drive revenue through the swift handover of leads to sales. 

In times where converting prospects into customers feels like an uphill battle, this will help your company fire on all cylinders almost on the spot.

With the power of Make, you can connect your tech stack and experience faster response times with no leads falling through the cracks.

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Dean Maree

Product Marketing Manager at Make. Passionate about tech and B2B product marketing. A sports enthusiast that also enjoys a run in the forest or a relaxing day out at the beach.

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