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Make announces official dates for end of Integromat support and closing of the platform

Prague, Czech Republic: Since the launch of Make February 22, 2022, Integromat has become a legacy product, and subsequently stopped accepting new sign-ins. At the time of the launch, Make announced the shutdown of Integromat, and today reveals the official end dates of the platform and its support. 

"In the past year, Make has helped the majority of our customers to successfully and smoothly upgrade from Integromat to Make - scenarios have been migrated in the hundreds of thousands, and our goal is to take all users on this journey," said CEO Fabian Q. Veit. "With Make, we are reinforcing our commitment to helping our community overcome both small and larger business challenges by building meaningful solutions in an intuitive and playful way." 

Here are the important dates to be aware of:  

From June 30, 2023, Make will discontinue support for Integromat. After this date, Make will not process any requests for Integromat assistance. 

From September 30, 2023, the Integromat platform will be shut down. At this time, all scenarios will be deactivated, and users will not be able to make changes to them without migrating to Make. 

Integromat users and organizations who migrate to Make before September 30, 2023 will be set to Make’s Legacy plan, and will keep the same subscription price and number of operations. 

More information about the upgrade can be found on Make’s upgrade FAQ page and upgrade documentation

To upgrade to Make, Integromat users can click here.

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