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Integromat evolves to Make - our new brand and flagship platform

Beyond no-code integration

While we called ourselves a no-code integration tool, our customers around the world use our platform to do everything— from building e-commerce apps and custom CRMs to automating entire end-to-end business processes. People from all areas and backgrounds can innovate with our platform, whether it’s a solopreneur working out of a garage, or a team leader in a Fortune 100 company.  

When users describe us, they use words like ‘Creative’, ‘Community’, ‘Visual’, ‘Empowering’, ‘Innovation’, and ‘Member of my team’. The platform has taken on a momentum of its own.  

But when we compared the Integromat brand with our product, our community, and our company, there was a disconnect. We wanted the brand to reflect our expanding vision:

A world where everyone has the power to innovate without limits.

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Introducing Make

Today, we are introducing Make, which is the name of our brand, business, and new flagship platform. We wanted to create an identity that matched our product and the community around it. Something powerful, yet playful - like us.

Our mission is to empower people to visually create, build, and automate at the speed of their ideas. Inspired by our amazing community, we’ve realized our platform is more than just integration and automation. 

Put simply, we realized our users are not users: they’re Makers. No-code tools are just that; they enable users to build and automate, without writing any code. We offer something more: a visual language that democratizes development, makes processes tangible, and fosters team collaboration, regardless of technical skills.

“Make” is short, modern, and easy to spell and pronounce. It’s a verb that captures what users do on our platform. Most importantly—it represents the evolution of our product, the spirit of our customers, and reflects one of the most transformational trends of our era: from rigid, top-down, repetitive jobs to flexible, empowering, and meaningful work. 

We believe that Makers are the future of the workplace. When the experience of building inspires as much joy as the solution, there are no limits to what's possible.

Our logo: the ‘domino’ symbol

The tipping dominos in our logo symbolize a simple action that launches a sequence of events, with endless possibilities and outcomes. Make is organic, creative, and exciting to use; concepts conveyed through our new purple pink color gradient. Our new brand identity encourages people from all stripes, backgrounds, and organizations to create without limits. 

The future is fun and visual

With a fresh new name, logo, color palette, identity—and of course, a brand new platform—we’re finally feeling like ourselves. Integromat has served us well.

But Make is our future. 

Whatever Makers create next — big processes, simple fixes, forward-thinking ideas, and satisfying solutions — we’re ready. 

We can’t wait to see what you make.   

TL;DR:  Integromat evolves to Make—a new brand identity and a new platform. 

Love, the team at Make 💜

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