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Add new G Suite users to a Google Group

Add new G Suite users to a Google Group



Every time G Suite users are added to your organization, Make will automatically add them as members of a specified Google Group.

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Invision Community
Google Sheets
Create a new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet from a new member in Invision Community

This template regularly checks for new forum members in an Invision Community and uses the retrieved information to create new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The template is using this sample Google Sheets spreadsheet as the destination for the new Invision Community members. You should make a copy of it before configuring the template.

The template is scheduled to run every hour. You can change the schedule after you set up the template by clicking the clock icon on the first module but you will also need to change the filter between the modules to reflect your new schedule otherwise you will end up with the same row created multiple times or no new rows at all.

Create your own workflow

Create custom workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches. A trigger is an event that launches the workflow, an action is the event.

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Add a Member to a Group

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Create a Role

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Delete a Group

Deletes a group.

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Delete a Role

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