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Google Natural Language
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Classify articles with Google Natural Language and save the results as a CSV file



Every time a new article is created in an RSS feed, Make will automatically analyze the text content. Then, the results are iterated and saved as a CSV file in your Google Drive folder.

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Google Sheets
Create new contacts in Endorsal from new rows in Google Sheets

This template periodically checks for new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and uploads the new rows as new contacts into Endorsal.

The template is using this sample Google Sheets spreadsheet - you can make a copy of it if you'd like to.

The template is scheduled to run daily at 8:00 am. You can change the schedule after you set up the template.

Create your own workflow

Create custom workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches. A trigger is an event that launches the workflow, an action is the event.

Google Natural Language
Analyze Entities

Searches entities in the text along with entity types, salience, mentions for each entity, and other properties.

Google Natural Language
Analyze Entity Sentiment

Searches entities in the text and analyzes sentiment associated with each entity and its mentions.

Google Natural Language
Analyze Sentiment

Analyzes the sentiment of the provided text.

Google Natural Language
Analyze Syntax

Analyzes the syntax of the text and provides sentence boundaries and tokenization along with part of speech tags, dependency trees, and other properties.

Flow Control
Array aggregator

Google Natural Language
Classify a Document

Classifies a document into categories.

Flow Control

Google Natural Language
Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Flow Control



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