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HubSpot CRM

Create and send a PandaDoc document when a HubSpot CRM deal stage changes



When a HubSpot CRM deal stage changes to a deal stage of your choice, Make will automatically create and send a PandaDoc document from a PandaDoc template.

You have to create your PandaDoc template beforehand or use one of the PandaDoc public templates.

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Similar templates for inspiration

Looking to get more out of your apps? With Make, you can visually integrate any app into any workflow to save time and resources - no coding required. Try any of these templates in just a few clicks.

Google Sheets
Update envelope status of DocuSign document in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

This template periodically checks for documents status in DocuSign and uses the retrieved information to update the corresponding record in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The template is using this sample Google Sheets spreadsheet as a source of the data. You should make a copy of it before configuring the template.

The template is scheduled to run every 15 minutes. You can change the schedule after you set up the template.

Create your own workflow

Create custom workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches. A trigger is an event that launches the workflow, an action is the event.

HubSpot CRM
Add Contacts to a List

Adds contact records that have already been created in the system to a contact list.

HubSpot CRM
Add a Contact to a Workflow

Adds a contact to a specific workflow.

HubSpot CRM
Associate CRM Objects

Associates 2 CRM objects.

HubSpot CRM
Associate Multiple CRM Objects

Creates multiple associations between CRM objects.

HubSpot CRM
Associate an Engagement with a CRM Object

Associates an engagement with a contact, company, or deal.

HubSpot CRM
Cancel a Broadcast Message

Cancels a scheduled broadcast (e.g. tweet or facebook post).

HubSpot CRM
Create a Blog Post

Creates a new blog post.

HubSpot CRM
Create a Broadcast Message

Creates and immediately publishes a message on a specified social media channel..

HubSpot CRM
Create a Calendar Task

Creates a new task for Calendar (only for users with the paid Marketing account).



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