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Facebook Lead Ads
Phone number
Mitto SMS

Send a confirmation SMS via Mitto to a lead collected via Facebook Lead Ads



Every time a new lead with a phone number is generated in Facebook Lead Ads, a confirmation SMS will be sent via Mitto back to the lead.

The template expects your Facebook Lead Ads form to collect phone number.

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Google Sheets
Create new contacts in Endorsal from new rows in Google Sheets

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Create your own workflow

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Facebook Lead Ads
Get Lead Details

Returns the information that the user filled in, in the lead generation form. Use this action after the New Lead trigger.

Facebook Lead Ads
Get a Form

Returns information about the form.

Facebook Lead Ads
List Leads

Returns a list of leads.

Facebook Lead Ads
New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is created.

Trigger, Instant, Acid
Phone number
Parse a phone number

Processes a specified phone number and converts it into a normalized form.

Mitto SMS
Receive SMS

Use to trigger action on SMS received

Trigger, Instant, Acid
Mitto SMS
Send SMS

Send SMS via Mitto API

Mitto SMS
Send SMS Bulk

Sends SMS in bulk via Mitto API

Facebook Lead Ads
Unsubscribe a Webhook

The action unsubscribes a selected page from the connection to Make.



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