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A Simple Digital Signature Solution for Your Forms

Mar 25, 2020 | 0 minutes
A laptop with e-signature.

The problem

Businesses need a simple solution for people to digitally sign their acknowledgment of deals, contracts, and other agreements. On top of an easy digital signature system, businesses tend to require the following:

  • Copies of the signed documents

  • A place to digitally store the copies, as well as other key data of the signees

The solution

Cognito Forms offers a simple, responsive form where users can fill details and sign on the screen. On top of this, Cognito Forms provides a PDF copy of the form that we will use for record-keeping purposes. By using Make, we can create an automated workflow that does the following:

  • Connect Cognito Forms to Airtable

  • Get the details of the signee filed in Airtable

  • Include a signed copy of the form in Airtable

The benefits

  • Completely free

  • Responsive, so it can be used on any screen, anywhere

  • Simple and quick to set up, adjust and deploy

Apps used


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Cor Schutte

Automation specialist and consultant at Prettysimpl, an Make Certified Partner (

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