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How to Import Data from Google Sheets into Your Bubble Database

Feb 04, 2020 | 1 minutes
People working with Google Sheets.

Tired of importing Google Sheets data into Bubble? Use Make to connect Google Sheets and Bubble and automate the whole process!

The problem

Importing Google Sheets data into Bubble is a repetitive, tiring task. It requires you to export data as CSV, import it into Bubble, and then repeat as many times as your workflow demands it. In addition, Bubble charges for the import feature. On top of spending valuable hours on a cumbersome task, you are doling out money on it.

The need

In light of the problem, a solution that automates the process of importing data into Bubble for free is needed. The solution must also pick and reflect spreadsheet changes like:

  • Cell, column, and row updates

  • Addition of new information

This way, whenever a spreadsheet is updated, the Bubble database gets updated with the new data as well.

The solution

An Make template that allows for Bubble database expansion. The template is set up to watch your Google Sheets file of choice and update the subsequent Bubble database whenever there's a change.

For example, if you have scraped data stored in Google Sheets, you can use the template to copy it to Bubble's database. And guess what the best part is? You will not be paying for Bubble's import feature. Ready to save time and money?

The benefits

  • No more time is wasted in a cumbersome, repetitive task

  • Lowered cost for moving data between apps

  • Easy to replicate across different properties (websites, spreadsheets, databases)

Apps used


For more information about this integration, you can contact Shunsuke Takagi, Project Manager and No-code expert at Hassyadai

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Shunsuke Takagi

Shunsuke Takagi writes about project management, marketing strategies, information architecture, and all things no-code at

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