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How to Maximize Remote Team Productivity with Jira and Zendesk Integrations

Oct 24, 2017 | 3 minutes
Remote team members having an online communication.

The digital nomad has its place in today’s world. 

People can now host full-time jobs whilst living the life they want, in the places they want. 

Living in Thailand but working for a start-up in America, freelance writing for a European blog while backpacking through South America, or working from home to be close to family. 

This new work-life balance schematic offers great benefits and attractions for today’s worker when looking for potential employment opportunities.

New scenarios, new problems, new solutions

Ok, well that’s great and all for the employee, but with the possibilities of working across the world, across different time zones, with different workloads, it can also disjoint work teams. 

Because of this, companies are forced to look at new and creative ways to keep their teams together. Companies have to foster a culture and create procedures for maintaining individual workloads as well as building connections amongst different teams, to stay on top. 

Make’s integration possibilities can help to re-embed your team and streamline processes so work stays on track despite locale, workload, and even software differences.

Streamline cross-departmental communications to solve customer issues

To realize Make’s role in this, let’s once again use an example. In this case, we will deal with systematizing communications across departments for customer support problems. 

So, say an issue arises with a customer regarding the software they use, that is produced and maintained by your company. 

The customer contacts your customer support team, and as they discuss, the issue seems to be a bit more complicated. As protocol constitutes, the customer support team needs to contact a development team member to help solve the issue. 

But, what if the team member is unavailable or requires a different software system to assist? 

Thanks to Make, this can happen seamlessly without disruption to the help of the customer. By integrating different software services together, customer support and development teams are able to communicate and react quickly to customer concerns. 

And, now with fully supported JIRA Software on Make, you can add this to the repertoire of making it possible.

JIRA Software & Zendesk

JIRA Software is a software development tool that allows users to plan, track, report, and release software. 

JIRA software users can now easily connect their account to a multitude of services including their customer support software to help guide issues, like the one in this example. 

Below, we will exemplify this with a JIRA Software and Zendesk integration. Zendesk is a software system that helps with customer support by tracking customer inquiries or “tickets.” 

In this scenario, a customer issue has been raised to the customer support team through Zendesk. Consequently, a ticket has been created. 

Carrying on from the story above, customer support is unable to solve the issue and they require a developer to step in, but they are not there. Give any set of parameters for the developer not being present like, off in another city, another time zone, or simply at a desk in another room, creating an integration to support this can help keep this ticket on track; which could otherwise have tenuous outcomes. 

In any event, the problem requires a quick and efficient means of letting the developer know that there is an issue and that they need to help solve it. 

As indicated in the image below, it creates an issue in JIRA Software for the developer. The developer will automatically receive the issue directly in JIRA Software, the software that they will need to solve the issue.

With this solution, there is no more waiting to connect with them over another program, only for them to have to transfer the data over to another software that they need to solve the issue.

Effortlessly and efficiently solved, so customers remain happy, and work stays on track. 

Finally, as an employer, you can still offer the luxury of a remote work environment without sacrificing the quality of work. 

You know, so your employees can continue to do the fun stuff; climbing waterfalls in Bolivia, or waking their kids up from a nap for a playdate. 

In any case, with Make, you can!


Jessica Herauf

Partnerships Manager at Make. I like to travel, explore nature, and I love to hear a good story.

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