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Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Make - Part 2

Jul 16, 2020 | 10 minutes
Task Automation 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Make - Part 2

In my last article, I covered the basics of task automation, and also listed 25 tasks anyone can automate right away using Make. The list includes task automation examples for email, customer relationship management systems, e-commerce platforms, and online calendars. 

Why did I start with these? Simple: because the apps in those spaces are immensely popular, and working with them usually involves a series of tasks that can be automated. 

Similarly, I’m here today to continue showing that automating tasks is far easier than most people think. This time, however, I will be covering other systems and apps, particularly:

  • Files

  • Social Media

  • Analytics

  • Billing

  • Forms

Before you say anything, I know: this looks like a pretty random selection, right? Well, let me tell you something - it’s entirely on purpose. 

The goal here is to show how flexible automation can be. It turns out automation is far broader than advanced robotics and self-driving cars, and usually much less complicated. 

As I wrote in my first post of this two-part series, not everything can be automated (yet?), but thousands of tasks can. All it takes is the right mindset and an able tool. 

Now, hold on to your socks, ‘cause we’re going at it one more time: here are 25 other tasks you can automate with Make. 


Files tasks automation

Suitable for: anyoneCommonly used apps: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, Evernote, Slack, Email, Gmail

1. Save email attachments to Google Drive

There are many reasons why people save attachments to Google Drive on a regular basis. Some do it to keep documents and files organized, others to make files available to others in shared folders, or perhaps for security reasons, to keep a repository in case anything happens.

All these reasons are valid, but that doesn’t make the task less cumbersome. 

What does this template do? Every time you receive an email with an attachment, Make will save the files to a specified folder in Google Drive. The attachment will be saved in its original format. Works with all kinds of email clients (including Gmail).

Apps used: Email, Google Sheets

Link to template: Save email attachments to Google Drive

2. Backup new Google Photos to Dropbox

There are three kinds of people: those who back up their photos, those who don’t, and those who say they will, but rarely remember to do so. This template makes photo backups easy for all.

What does this template do? It automates the task of uploading Google Photos to Dropbox. Every time a new photo is added to your Google Photos, Make will upload it to a Dropbox folder of your choice.

Apps used: Google Photos, Dropbox

Link to template: Backup Google Photos to Dropbox

3. Automatically upload new Dropbox files to Slack

Designers, accountants, lawyers, and e-commerce specialists are just some of the professionals that can benefit from automating file uploads from Dropbox to Slack. If there is a team on Slack and there are Dropbox files involved, this can be a huge time-saver.

What does this template do? Whenever a new file is added to a watched folder on Dropbox, Make will automatically upload that file to Slack.

Apps used: Dropbox, Slack

Link to template: Dropbox - Slack integration

4. Upload podcasts to Soundcloud

upload podcast to soundcloud

Podcasts have gone mainstream, and tasks related to production are piling up. What better way to professionalize the activity than start automating some of these? 

What does this template do? When podcast audio is saved in a Google Drive folder, Make will upload it to Soundcloud.

Apps used: Google Drive, Soundcloud

Link to template: Auto upload podcast audio

5. Save Evernote notes to OneDrive

Can you sync Evernote to OneDrive? Yes you can. Note-taking apps are one of the best things the internet era gave us, but an old problem persists: how to keep those notes organized? By sending them to OneDrive, and working with files in a more user-friendly way.

What does this template do? It saves your notes as files in OneDrive.

Apps used: Evernote, OneDrive

Link to template: Evernote - OneDrive integration

6. Save Telegram photos to OneDrive

telegram to onedrive

Keeping records of what goes on in a busy Telegram chat is not always easy, and doing it manually is both cumbersome and time-wasting.

What does this template do? Every time a new file pic is posted to a Telegram channel, Make will save it to OneDrive.

Apps used: OneDrive, Telegram

Link to template: Telegram - OneDrive integration

7. Auto upload email attachments to an FTP server

Need those files in an FTP server but don’t want to spend another minute explaining to others how to do so? Then this integration is for just what you need.

What does this template do? It automatically uploads email attachments to FTP servers (works with SFTP servers as well).

Apps used: email, FTP

Link to template: Auto upload to FTP server

Social media tasks automation

Suitable for: social media specialists, community managers, influencers, digital marketers

Commonly used apps: Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Discord

8. Autopost tweets to a Facebook Page

It often makes more sense to start with Twitter when automating crossposting tasks. Why? Because of the character limitations. If you start with Twitter, you can forget about counting characters ever again.

What does this template do? Auto posts new tweets to a Facebook Page of your choice.

Apps used: Facebook Pages, Twitter

Link to template: Post tweets to Facebook Pages automatically

9. Post new tweets to Discord

OK, Discord may not be as massive as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it’s nonetheless h-u-g-e, and automating crossposting tasks is just as relevant.

What does this template do? It watches a Twitter account, and posts a Discord message with the contents of new tweets from that account.

Apps used: Discord, Twitter

Link to template: Twitter - Discord integration

10. Automatically share new Twitter posts to LinkedIn

twitter-linkedin posts

Highly productive posters that rely on volume will find this task automation useful. Want to produce more? Then fast-tracking the sharing process will be within your area of interest.

What does this template do? It watches for new Twitter posts and automatically shares them on LinkedIn.

Apps used: Twitter, LinkedIn

Link to template: Twitter - LinkedIn integration

11. Share new Twitch clips on a Discord channel

Twitch and Discord are a pair made in heaven, and being able to automate the task of sharing clips is nothing but extra mana points.

What does this template do? Every time a new clip is posted on followed Twitch channel, Make will automatically share it on your Discord channel.

Apps used: Twitch, Discord

Link to template: Auto share Twitch clips to Discord

12. Post new Google Photos photos to a Facebook page

google photos to facebook page

Feeding Facebook with new images is a vital task for many professionals, including designers, photographers, and more. Wouldn’t it be great to automate it and focus on what really matters?

What does this template do? It creates Facebook posts from new Google Photos.

Apps used: Google Photos, Facebook Pages

Link to template: Google Photos to Facebook Pages

13. Post new Facebook page posts to another Facebook page

Car dealerships, insurance agencies, gym chains: lots of businesses run local Facebook pages, and need to post the same information to all of them from time to time. The task takes a significant amount of time until you automate it once and for good.

What does this template do? Whenever a post is published on a specified Facebook Page, Make will automatically create a new post on another Facebook page you control.

Apps used: Facebook Pages

Link to template: Automatic posting for multiple Facebook Pages

14. Send Instagram photos to Slack

insta to slack

Need to share Instagram posts to a Slack company channel regularly? This template will do it for you!

What does this template do? It automatically posts your Instagram pictures to a Slack channel.

Apps used: Instagram, Google Drive

Link to template: Instagram to Slack

15. Post daily weather forecasts to a Facebook page

This is a niche solution in the task automation ocean, but it makes life so much easier for those admins who run pages for media stations. A cute little solution if weather reports occupy a permanent spot on your agenda.

What does this template do? It posts weather forecasts to a selected Facebook page. The scenario is set to be executed every morning at 8 o'clock, but you can tweak it to your preferred time slot.

Apps used: Weather, Facebook Pages

Link to template: Post weather updates to Facebook Pages

16. Save Facebook Page posts to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Most companies run Facebook Pages. A high number of these employ social media managers. Social media managers rotate, and new ones often find themselves deciphering what has been done up until then. This is a problem that can be solved by storing every post in a Google Sheet.

What does this template do? Saves all your Facebook posts into a Google Sheet.

Apps used: Facebook Pages, Google Sheets

Link to template: Autosave Facebook Page posts to Google Sheets

Analytics tasks automation

Suitable for: digital marketers, SEO specialists, web admins

Commonly used apps: Google Analytics, Alexa Internet

17. Automatically send a report with daily outputs to Slack

Tired of checking your Google Analytics stats every day? Then it’s time to automate this task and choose which outputs you want to get every day on Slack.

What does this template do? It gets a report from yesterday and sends it to Slack.

Apps used: Google Analytics, Slack

Link to template: Automatically send Google Analytics data to Slack

18. Send web traffic history from Alexa Internet to Google Sheets

Following up on traffic is useful for a number of purposes, and there’s no reason why this task shouldn’t be automated. Monthly Alexa reports, brought to you by Make.

What does this template do? It sends traffic history from selected websites to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Apps used: Alexa Internet, Google Sheets

Link to template: Alexa Internet - Google Sheets integration

Billing tasks automation

Suitable for: e-commerce specialists, online store managers, accountants, entrepreneurs

Commonly used apps: Stripe, QuickBooks, Invoice Ninja

19. Create Invoice Ninja invoices for new WooCommerce orders

One order, one invoice, one less task to automate. Ka-ching!

What does this template do? Just like the title indicates, it creates an invoice in Invoice Ninja whenever a WooCommerce order is created.

Apps used: WooCommerce, Invoice Ninja

Link to template: Automatic invoice creation for WooCommerce orders

20. Save new QuickBooks invoices to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Or, in other words, automate this task and never lose an invoice again. Ever.

What does this template do? Every time a new invoice is created in QuickBooks, Make will automatically add the invoice's info to a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Apps used: QuickBooks, Google Sheets

Link to template: Save QuickBooks invoices to Google Sheets

21. Save Stripe charges to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Same principle, a different app. If you want to keep your billing data safe and sound, nothing works better than an automated workflow.

What does this template do? It automatically adds Stripe charges to a Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Apps used: Stripe, Google Sheets

Link to template: Stripe - Google Sheets integration

Forms tasks automation

Suitable for: anyone

Commonly used apps: Google Forms, Typeform

22. Send Slack messages for new Google Forms responses

I love Google Forms, but getting answers in my Slack channel of choice is even better.

What does this template do? It sends a message to Slack every time a Google Form is answered.

Apps used: Google Forms, Slack

Link to template: Google Forms - Slack integration

23. Create ClickUp tasks from new Google Forms responses

In many cases, Google Forms answers are triggers for other tasks. The best way to keep track of them is to automate task creation on ClickUp from Forms answers. Simple, and convenient.

What does this template do? Every time a Google Form is submitted, Make will automatically create a new task in ClickUp.

Apps used: Google Forms, ClickUp

Link to template: Automatically create ClickUp tasks from Google Forms answers

24. Save new Typeform entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Gathering Typeform answers can be as fun as picking up a deck of cards from the floor. Time to automate the task!

What does this template do? Whenever someone answers a selected Typeform question, Make will automatically add that answer to a new row in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Apps used: Typeform, Google Sheets

Link to template: Typeform - Google Sheets integration


And so it concludes this series of 50 tasks you can automate with Make. I hope this serves you as a source of inspiration to start automating tasks, and also to start thinking above and beyond manual tasks. 

That’s all for today. 

Happy automating!


Martin Etchegaray

Content Manager and Senior Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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