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The Five Best Spotify Integrations That Exist

Nov 21, 2019 | 5 minutes
People in a car listening to music from Spotify.

With almost 250 million total users and 113 million paying subscribers, Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming company in the planet. 

Since launching in 2006, the Swedish company has been praised for offering an incredible amount of music and audio files (the latest figures speak of 50 million tracks) by means of user-friendly web, desktop, and mobile apps. 

If one thing can be said about Spotify is that it remains one of the companies that successfully rode the first waves of the smartphone revolution and never looked back. But no success comes without criticism. 

During the past decade, Spotify has also been denounced for a number of decisions and situations regarding

  • Its advertising model

  • “Pay for play” practices

  • Artist compensation

  • Missing product features i.e. integrations

This last item is the one we will be addressing today. After all, we are all about integrations and Spotify hacks as long as they help simplify people’s lives.

Integrations, automations, expectations

Living in a hyper-connected world, we expect products - and particularly major hits like Spotify - to seamlessly connect to everything, everywhere, every time. But that, of course, is not the case, which leads us back to integrations. 

When it comes to integrations, Spotify has done its homework. 

The company offers a number of alternatives to integrate into other products and platforms - including SDKs, APIs, and widgets. Some of these require coding skills, while others don’t. 

For now, we will only focus on no-code Spotify integrations. Now let’s move on to the important stuff: the best Spotify integrations that exist.

Integrate Spotify into Waze

Spotify integrations with the Google-owned navigation software Waze are important because driving and music is a pair made in heaven, and nothing’s gonna tear these two apart ever. 

Like Spotify, Waze has a massive user base of 100+ million people, so the question of how to integrate both is a very frequent one. 

It turns out it’s really easy to do so:

  1. You’ll need to install Spotify on your mobile device. Once you have it installed, open Waze.

  2. You should see a popup message asking you to connect with Spotify. Voilá!

  3. In case you didn’t get the popup, you need to tap Search > Settings > Spotify > Toggle on for Connect Spotify.

After doing this, a Spotify icon should appear in Waze. To switch between songs, you click on the icon, and then use the controls to forward, backward and pause at will. And that’s it! 

For additional information, you can visit Google’s support page covering the Spotify - Waze integration.

Spotify - Alexa integration

Using voice commands to pick your music is cool and convenient. 

The time we waste navigating different streaming apps, entering search terms and browsing for songs is absolutely mad. In this line, connecting Spotify with Amazon Alexa works as a huge time saver. 

Before trying this integration, please remember that it only works with Premium Spotify accounts. 

This said, here’s how to do integrate Alexa and Spotify:

  1. Download the Alexa app and open i

  2. Tap the menu in the top left

  3. Tap “Settings”, then tap “Music”

  4. Select “Spotify”

  5. Select “Link account to Alexa”

  6. Enter your Spotify account details

To conclude, you can set Spotify as your default music service (this way you won’t need to specify Alexa to play a song “on Spotify” every single time you use a command). To do this, you have to:

  1. Tap the menu in the top-left

  2. Tap “Settings”, then “Music”

  3. Select “Spotify”

  4. Tap “Done”

That’s it. Now go blast your favorite Spotify playlist!

Connect Spotify to BMW, Volvo, and other Car Brands

Most car brands today are equipped with audio software from either Google or Apple. 

There are, however, a handful of brands that resist the temptation of having these products on their vehicles. Some of these brands are Tesla, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, BMW, and Mini. 

Spotify has released standalone, ad-hoc apps that work on some of these models, so integrations are not needed; you’ll need to see if your model is among those who can access Spotify. 

To do this, please check the chart below:


Supported Models


XT4, XT5, XT6, Escalade, CT5, CTS, CTS-V, XTS, CT6, CT6-V, ATS


Enclave, Regal, Regal Wagon


Equinox, Silverado, Camaro


Terrain, Sierra, Canyon


Model 3, Model S, Model X


XC90, S90, V90, V90 Cross Country

If you have (or are considering purchasing) any of the models above, you will be able to have Spotify integrated into your car audio system. Now, BMW/Mini owners will need to follow a different path. Here’s how to do it:

  • BMW/Mini iPhone Users need to check that their car is equipped with the “apps” feature (option number 6NR) in ConnectedDrive - included either with the Navigation System Professional or Business.

  • BMW/Mini Android Users can play music from the Spotify app on their devices via Bluetooth on vehicles with BMW ConnectedDrive with ID5 and ID6 interfaces. To establish the connection you must have the BMW Connected app installed on your Android device.

As you can see, integrating Spotify into your car can be simple, but there are quite a few model restrictions. For more information, please visit Spotify Everywhere’s Car Audio section.

Integrate Spotify and Slack to stay updated on songs and tracks

For many of us, Slack has become the app that is always open, second in importance only to email, maybe. We spend a significant amount of time at work, and work often means to be on Slack. 

As a result, we are seeing a surge in apps that integrate into Slack and amplify its already fantastic functionalities. 

Among these, there is the Make Spotify Slack integration, which allows you to

  • Watch one (or more) playlists on Spotify

  • Get an automatic notification every time a new track is added to your watched playlist.

It’s an interesting feature for scouts and producers, or just for people who want to know what’s going on with their favorite playlists.

Also, if you are into celebrity playlists - say, Ashton Kutcher's playlist, or Jimmy Fallon’s - you’ll have a blast in staying up to date with the music they add.

Spotify - Spotify integrations

Yes, you read that right, and no, the universe is not gonna explode if you connect Spotify to Spotify. 

While it has a crazy-sounding name, Make’s Spotify-Spotify integration is quite useful: every time you save a new track on Spotify, Make will automatically add it to a playlist you specify. 

It basically automates Spotify playlist creation. You can just focus on discovering music, and tracks you find, like, and save will be saved on a playlist of your choice.

More than a DJ’s dream, this is a simple automation you can deploy in minutes by using this Make scenario.

Bonus Track: Spotify - Chrome integration

Because sometimes Slack and music aren’t compatible with your reality and needs, Make has created a scenario similar to the Spotify - Slack one, but for Chrome. 

This scenario links your Google and Spotify accounts, and automatically sends a push notification via Chrome when a new track is added to the Spotify playlist you specify. 

 A nice little automation for music producers, managers, scouts, and fans that need to know what’s going out there with music. 

Bring all your tools together with Make, a web-based tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder. The inbuilt HTTP app enables you to connect to any web service or API without writing a single line of code. Make’s free plan comes with all its powerful features; give it a go and you might just fall in love!


Martin Etchegaray

Content Manager and Senior Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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