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Preparing for a Cookieless World

2 years ago

Online advertising is changing drastically!

Privacy is the name and big-name browsers like Google and Safari are playing the game. With new restrictions on third-party cookies on browsers, advertisers will need to rewrite the playbook on how to effectively advertise online with this in mind.

Advertisers will need to arm themselves with the latest developments in the ad ecosystem, including Facebook’s new Conversions API, which allows users to access data from their own server to inform their Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Wondering how this change will affect advertisers? When to start implementing? How to make it easy? Watch the replay of our webinar, in which Emily Wilson, product growth manager at Facebook, Jessica Herauf, head of app partnerships at Integromat, and Dominik Kadera from Integromat, discuss this very issue and show how Integromat can be the missing glue in all of this. 

If you would also like to see the chat during the webinar, please watch on YouTube directly.

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