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2022 at Make: A Look Back into Our Most Spectacular Year

Jan 13, 2023

Innovation, growth, and accomplishment: Words fall short to describe how special 2022 was for Make. 

In our previous end-of-the-year recap, we said that 2022 would be a time to build, help people reach their goals, and get ready to make new things happen - we weren’t wrong. 

While other automation platforms scrambled to put together a couple of features, we launched a whole new brand and platform. And that was just the warm-up! 

As months went by, we brought exclusive features to life, rolled out 24/7 support for our Enterprise customers, launched a new Partner Portal, inaugurated the Make Academy, and more.

But most importantly, we delivered immense value to hundreds of thousands of people that craved more productive and manageable work straight away. 

Let’s take a look back at the events that turned 2022 into a thoroughly extraordinary, unforgettable year for all of us.

Starting with a bang: Integromat becomes Make

On February 22, 2022, we launched Make: A new brand and platform that reflects our vision of a world where everyone has the power to innovate without limits.

Inspired by our community, we realized that our users were not simply users and that our platform was more than just a no-code tool.

Make is the evolution of our product, and is here to democratize development, make processes visible, and put automation within hand’s reach of everyone, regardless of technical skills.

The launch of Make also marked the first big gather-up of our global team since the darkest pandemic times - talk about perfect excuses to celebrate!


The highlights: Features, offices, and resources

On top of the new brand, 2022 saw us introduce many interesting developments at the product and ecosystem levels.

At the product level, we launched a series of unique features, such as parallel webhook processing, custom variables, scenario inputs, and the Make API

We also rolled out 24/7 support for Enterprise customers, and added a new data center in the US, giving everyone the possibility to choose the most convenient region for running and hosting their critical processes (Europe or North America).

At the ecosystem level, we introduced the new and improved Partner Portal, featuring five different Partner programs to grow and scale with Make. 

In addition, we launched the dedicated Make Community, where 4,000+ Makers from all over the world help each other in the different stages of their automation journeys.

By December, we added another important resource to our ecosystem: The Make Academy, where anyone can learn how to automate with Make and earn the badges to prove it.

The cherry on top was the inauguration of our new Prague headquarters to accommodate our incredible teams and welcome everyone in style.

Make offices

Make in numbers: Up is the way

By the end of 2021, we set ourselves a goal to enter into hyper-growth mode. Twelve months later, we’ve hit some interesting milestones in this process, including:

  • 448,612 new users (a 64.33% YoY increase in new users)

  • 3.2 billion scenario runs (Product usage grew 564.37% YoY)

  • 239 new apps (1,300+ in total)

  • 994 new app endpoints (13,200+ in total)

The most used apps in Make remain almost the same as last year, with a couple of interesting additions: Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Drive, Airtable, Notion, Slack, Telegram, HTTP, and Webhooks.

Most critically, we continued to deliver immense value to people and businesses everywhere.

By leveraging our product, Make users have automated the equivalent of 170,347 days or 466 years of manual work in 2022! 


Who is automating what? Top industries and markets

One of the best things about the year that just passed was seeing Make expand across the world, and post significant userbase growth in new countries. 

The top countries by the number of users remain the same - United States, India, Brazil, France, the UK, and Germany - but other markets are picking up the tab and adopting Make at incredible rates. 

Among these, Canada, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Australia, Israel, and Ukraine deserve a special mention, with tens of thousands of new users from these countries joining the global community of Makers. 


When looking at the industries that benefit the most from Make, we also noticed an expansionary trend. 

This is yet another proof of how our platform is truly the only one capable of serving all businesses in disregard of size and complexity. 

So, which industries are using Make the most? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ecommerce: 50,000+ users

  • Digital agencies: 39,000+ users

  • SaaS companies: 34,000+ users

  • Educational institutions: 35,000+ users

  • Individuals and solopreneurs: 34,000+ users

  • Non-profit organizations: 16,000+ users

  • Others (Financial services, real estate, telecom): 3,000+ users

When we say you can build and automate anything with Make, we mean it.

Bonus: We got our first award!

On top of all the positives that 2022 delivered, we are happy to announce that we won Product Hunt's 2022 Golden Kitty Award for the best no-code product!


We are incredibly grateful to be recognized for our achievements and want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged us along the way.

This was the perfect way to end 2022, and we're thrilled about what's ahead!

Final thoughts: Value goes global

2022 was a landmark year, and the bar was high after posting great figures in the previous years - but we made it.

The company grew at unprecedented rates, the brand is getting bigger, and the product is standing out from the pack with every new feature we offer.

At this point, all we can say is a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who made this a reality: Our incredible customers, hard-working teams, engaged partners, and our parent company - Celonis.

You all played a significant role in setting up Make for what’s coming, and we’re grateful for that.

Now, it’s time to go into global mode and bring value to businesses and individuals around the world like they never experienced before.

Let’s keep empowering everyone to work the way they imagine. Let’s keep building and automating anything.

We’ll do it as we always did: Together, with Make.


Martin Etchegaray

Content Manager and Senior Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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