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Facebook Automation: How to Automate Leads, Posts, and Messages

Dec 14, 2022
How to Automate Leads, Posts, and Messages

2022 has been a strange, emotional ride for social media. We’ve watched Twitter change hands, high-profile US government officers raise suspicion of TikTok espionage, and the consolidation of Discord as a player to be reckoned with.

Facebook hasn’t been a stranger to drama either. 

After a year marked by dwindling stock prices and shifts in the platform’s user base, it won’t be surprising to see social media marketers re-evaluate their strategies to create, engage, and promote on Facebook.

The situation isn’t easy for anyone, but it presents a key challenge for marketers: 

How to get the most out of Facebook while keeping costs and resources in check? 

The answer lies within Facebook automation. There is no doubt that having a successful Facebook presence is still a very desirable outcome, and one of the best ways to achieve this without splurging is by automating the time-consuming tasks required to get there. 

With this in mind, we’ll use this post to show you how to:

  • Automate Facebook posts to pages and groups

  • Automate Facebook messages

  • Automate Facebook leads

This is just a fraction of what you can actually automate with Make - but that’s a story for another day. 

Now, let’s focus on Facebook marketing automation solutions powered by Make.

1. Automate Facebook Page posts

High engagement rates and visibility on Facebook are often the results of posting quality content on a frequent basis.

In order to get there, you’ll want to spend more time thinking and producing content rather than posting it - and to accomplish this, nothing beats a solution to automatically post to one or more Facebook Pages on your behalf.

The template above will automatically share your posts to Facebook (and to other platforms if you want to). In addition, you can schedule Facebook posts to be published whenever you want.

In case you manage multiple pages and want to share the same content across them, there’s a template to complete this task as well. 

This is particularly useful for companies with multiple branch offices that want to share posts across their branch Facebook Pages at once (as opposed to sharing one by one on each page). 

Finally, you can also automate replies to Facebook Page posts you share. For instance, if you share a product and want to share the price each time a person asks for it in the comments, Make can take care of that for you.

If you are curious about Facebook Page automation, you’ll get a real feel of the possibilities by exploring our available Facebook Pages integrations.

2. Automate Facebook Group posts

Facebook Groups have been one of the hottest Facebook products since being launched in late 2010. 

Groups generate tons of traction by gathering people with the same interests, and the respective posts tend to drive more engagement than the average Page post out there.

Just like it happens with pages, you can automatically post content to Facebook Groups from any source that you wish. 

Whether it’s a Google Sheets spreadsheet keeping multiple posts or even your company’s Instagram account, Make allows you to do it.

Moreover, Make features modules to “watch” new Facebook Groups posts, allowing you to get a notification whenever something of your interest gets posted. 

For instance, let’s say that you’re an official spare part provider for a certain brand of car. 

You could easily set up a Make scenario that watches Facebook Groups for owners of that car brand, and get a notification each time a post mentioning a spare part is published. 

Once the notification hits your Slack (or email inbox, for instance), you can swiftly provide an answer that fits the user's needs.

3. Automate Facebook messages

In order to automate Facebook messages in Facebook Messenger, there are two main “schools of thought”. 

The first one relies on pre-defined messages that are sent after presenting the person who’s reaching out with a list of options. 

In other words, a twenty-first-century version of the old “press 1 if you want to do X, press 2 if you want to do Z” phone messaging systems. 

The second one is more flexible and relies on integrations that allow for fast replies to virtually any inquiry you receive over Facebook Messenger: Just connect your company’s Facebook Messenger to a shared Slack or Microsoft Teams channel.

There, the right people can provide the best answer as fast as possible. 

As it happens with Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, this is where the possibilities start, not where they end. 

Make features templates for Facebook Messenger that allow you to automatically:

  • Translate messages

  • Detect the user intent

  • Create personalized audio responses for incoming messages

You can start simple, and move on to more advanced use cases as you familiarize yourself with how Make operates.

4. Automate Facebook leads

Despite the turbulence, Facebook remains one of the most important sources of leads for thousands of companies in virtually every industry.

Among their advertising products, Facebook Lead Ads is one of our favorites, as it allows advertisers to gather lead data and nurture a relationship with leads before converting them into customers. 

However, there’s a catch: Gathering leads manually takes time, money, and more often than not, some potential customers as well (the more time you take to answer, the lesser the chances of converting a lead into a customer). 

With Make, you can automatically funnel new Facebook leads into the platform you use for lead management: a CRM, a spreadsheet, or even a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel. 

For more information, please read our dedicated post on Facebook Lead Ads automation. You won’t be disappointed!

Final words: The best platform to automate Facebook (and beyond)

Unlike other Facebook automation tools, Make allows you to automate further and beyond.

This is important as social media management evolves, incorporates new tools, and collaborates more with other teams as well.

Moreover, it can be used to automate countless workflows and apps in every company area you can think of. It's not just a "social media automation tool", but an easy-to-use platform featuring 1600+ apps to automate workflows at the speed of your imagination. 

There’s virtually no limit to what you can build, and you’ll be doing so without writing a single line of code. 

All it takes is a Make account, and the desire to leave the dull and repetitive behind you once and for all.


Martin Etchegaray

Content Manager and Senior Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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