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New Release: The Make Mobile App

Jun 10, 2018 | 5 minutes
The Integromat mobile app preview.

The Make mobile app is here and it has just launched on Product Hunt

Since launching Make, we learned it is not only about what you are connecting online but it’s also about connecting the online and mobile world together. 

This inspired us to develop a mobile app that reacts to changes on your phone and triggers automations.

The mobile app far extends your automation possibilities. It is designed to run in the background and help you do two types of things: monitor events and perform actions on your phone. 

These functions allow you to take your automation superpowers to the next level. They help you to initiate integrations based on where something/when something/what happens with you and your phone. 

So, let’s show you how to get started and some cool things you can do with it!

Getting started with the mobile app

First thing’s first, you have to download the app that matches your phone’s operating system (iOS or Android). 

Once downloaded, it will ask you to log in to your Make account. 

Enter the same credentials that you use for

Next, enter the name of the device and select the organization to which the mobile device should be registered to. The app will then establish a secure connection with the server and show a list of modules available for your particular mobile device. 

Once here, you are ready to use the modules for your phone’s operating system in your scenarios. 

If you login to Make using your Facebook, Google, or GitHub account, start the pairing process by adding a new device in the section Devices.

Two key functions

As mentioned above, the mobile app extends your connection and automation capabilities. You can use the modules that are specific to your phone’s operating system to either monitor events or perform so-called actions.

Monitoring events

Each operating system enables you to use different functions, depending upon its parameters. The individual functions work to monitor the device for specific changes and send changed events to Make. The received events are forwarded to your scenarios where they are subsequently processed. 

These functions include: GPS, WiFi, Calls, SMS, photos, calendar, contacts

Automate actions based on your phone’s location (GPS)

Wanting to know when an employee leaves work? Or, when your child leaves school? Set up this simple integration to receive notifications on your iPhone when an Android phone leaves a defined area. 

For this scenario, you have to define the areas you want to watch. For Androids, this is done in the Settings section of the mobile app. As for iOS, no special settings are needed, just install the Make mobile app on it. 

If the Android phone leaves the area that you have defined, the app on the phone will notify Make. Make will then send an alert to your iOS phone. 

**Pro-tip — you can modify this scenario for any combination of devices: iOS-iOS, Android-iOS, iOS-Android, Android-Android, or set Make to notify you via email or another service.

Use your phone’s WiFi connection to automate tasks

Always forgetting to start your timer when you get to work or enter the cafe to work on that freelance project? Start a time entry when your phone connects to a certain WiFi. 

Every time your mobile phone connects to a certain WiFi, this scenario will automatically start time-tracking in Toggl. 

**Pro-tip — You can also set up a scenario to stop a time entry when you disconnect from a certain WiFi. This scenario can be easily modified for other supported services.

Work with SMS messages

Running an SMS contest? Save SMS messages you receive on your Android phone to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

Every time you receive a new text message, Make will automatically add it to a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The SMS along with the sender’s number and reception date will be saved to Google Sheets. 

Work with calls

Working with billable hours? Back up your Android phone call logs to your CRM system. 

Every time you make a call from your Android phone, Make will automatically look up the contact you are calling in your CRM and create a new object with the duration of the call. 

Automatically send & upload photos

Not enough cloud storage for your trip abroad? Upload the photos you take on your mobile device to Dropbox, immediately after taking them. 

Right after you take a photo on your mobile device, this scenario will save your photo to your favorite cloud storage device. It’s up to you if you choose Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP, or another cloud storage service. 


Besides monitoring events, the mobile app can also perform so-called actions. Actions do not monitor a device for changes, but generate new items and add them to the device. These include actions like Create a new contact or Add a photo. These actions are always defined within a scenario.

Build your contact list on your phone

Gaining new contacts at the conference this week? Save new Google Contacts contacts to your iOS device. 

This scenario allows you to transfer contacts from Google Contacts to your Apple iOS device. Every time a new contact is added to Google Contacts, Make will automatically create a new contact on your iPhone. 

**Pro-tip — This scenario can be easily modified for other supported services.

So, here you go! Make fully extended with the mobile app to magically automate your life, while you are busy living it. 

Let us know what you think! Show your support by joining the conversation on PH, here

The above are all pre-made templates that are ready for you to use. To create any other scenario using your mobile device, visit our detailed section, Creating a scenario. Just like when creating other scenarios, you can add a mobile-specific module by looking in the list of apps and selecting the app that matches the operating system of your device. You’ll see a list of all the modules that allow for interaction with your chosen operating system.

For more integration ideas and a list of actions available for iOS, visit our Apple iOS integration page.

For more integration ideas and a list of actions available for Android, visit our Android integration page.

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!

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