Creating a scenario

In order for Make to automate your tasks for you, you have to create a scenario. A scenario is comprised of a series of modules that indicate how data should be transferred and transformed between apps/services.

There are 4 steps to creating a scenario:

  1. Choose your apps

  2. Build your scenario

  3. Test your scenario

  4. Activate your scenario

Setting up your scenario

Scenario activation

Scenarios are active or inactive. You can change the scenario status by clicking the ON/OFF button in the scenario detail.

Scenario schedule

Active scenarios execute according to a schedule. See Scheduling a scenario.

Scenario name

To rename your scenario, click on the scenario's name in the top left corner. Pressing ENTER or clicking outside the edited field will save the new scenario name.


Selecting the first bundle

Triggers allow you to select the first bundle that you want to process in the scenario. See Selecting the first bundle.

Number of returned bundles

Modules, by default, always return only two bundles. You can change this in the module settings field Maximum number of returned bundles.

Advanced scenario settings

Make allows you to configure a number of other advanced settings. See Scenario settings.