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Create new rows in Google BigQuery from new Refiner survey submissions

Create new rows in Google BigQuery from new Refiner survey submissions

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This template creates new rows in a Google BigQuery table based on new Refiner survey submissions.

The template expects your Refiner survey to have these questions:

  1. How likely are you to recommend our service a friend or colleague? (as an NPS score question)
  2. What do you value you most about our service? (as an open question)
  3. How many starts would you give us? (as a star rating question)

The template also expects your destination BigQuery table to have these columns:

  1. received_at as datetime
  2. nps as integer
  3. starts as integer
  4. what_do_you_value as string

Note that email values from Refiner will only be passed to BigQuery if they are available for the particular survey submission.

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