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Connect ActiveTrail and Make to See What the Future of Marketing Looks Like

Apr 05, 2018 | 3 minutes
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Do you have nightmares from past email marketing campaigns gone awry? Do you lay awake at night dreaming of never-ending contact updates? Or, do you lose sleep thinking about how you are going to actually build your newsletter? 

Well, there is hope! 

Let me introduce to you the world’s friendliest email marketing automation software that will turn your nightmares into a dream, ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail is the trifecta of email marketing efforts. It is an email marketing platform, newsletter software, and a marketing automation software. A dream, I know! 

It is your one-stop-shop that includes everything from drag-and-drop templates, to landing pages, to surveys, to delivery channels. With it, you can create meaningful campaigns and reach your customers across the specific channels you use (SMS, social media, sign-up forms). And, it's now on Make! 

Using Make you can connect your ActiveTrail account to hundreds of other apps to streamline any of the ActiveTrail work you do in conjunction with another app. 

How it works is you can link a number of different ActiveTrail modules to thousands of other modules in other apps to automate all your email marketing processes. And the best part, you can link together as many modules as you need all without any coding.

What can Make help ActiveTrail users with?

Let me give you an example, remember those scary contact lists? With Make, you can link ActiveTrail to any contact repository you use and have it updated automatically for you. This includes online forms, spreadsheets, or even your CRM system. 

Here are a few of the workarounds to take the pain of manually updating your lists.

1. Create ActiveTrail subscribers from new Google Forms responses.

Every time a new response is entered in a Google Forms form, Make will automatically create a new ActiveTrail subscriber.

Creating it is easy. First, choose the Google Forms trigger, Watch responses to be automatically notified when a form is filled out. 

Then, create a connection to your Google Account. Next, choose to add a module by clicking on the right ear of the Google Forms module. Add the ActiveTrail module, Create/Update contact. 

From here, you will create a connection to your ActiveTrail account as well. Through drag and drop, map the items you are wanting to capture in your Google Forms form to the ActiveTrail module. 

Now, your new contacts will be added to you in ActiveTrail. 

Or better yet, you can follow the steps in our pre-made template to use this scenario. 

You can also extend this scenario to update existing contacts as well. 

2. Create ActiveTrail contacts from a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Every time a new row is added in a watched Google Sheets spreadsheet, Make will create a new contact in ActiveTrail.

To create this scenario choose the Google Sheets trigger, Watch a worksheet. Just like above, create a connection to your Google Account. 

Then choose the worksheet you are wanting to watch. Choose the ActiveTrail module, Create/Update contact and create a connection to your ActiveTrail account. 

And again map the contact information from the worksheet to the ActiveTrail module. In one fell swoop, you can have your contacts added to ActiveTrail. 

Again, we have created a handy pre-made template for this scenario. To be even more helpful, we have also included a pre-made worksheet in the pre-made template. 

3. Update contacts in HubSpot CRM based on subscription status in ActiveTrail

In this scenario, Make will watch for contacts who unsubscribe in ActiveTrail and report the status change to HubSpot CRM.

To begin, choose the ActiveTrail trigger, Watch for contact unsubscribed. 

Then add the module HubSpot CRM and connect your HubSpot CRM account to Make. Using the HubSpot CRM module, Search for contacts, Make will search through your existing contact list in HubSpot CRM to find the existing contact in order to reflect the same changes in HubSpot CRM. 

Then add the module, Update a record for HubSpot CRM to actually make the subscription change in HubSpot CRM. 

This can also be expanded out to watch for any subscription changes. Or, you can use it as a base integration for noting only unsubscribe changes to specific ActiveTrail channels. The possibilities are endless. 

In addition to the above, we have actions for all sorts of uses, including marketing automation and SMS capabilities. For full details visit our ActiveTrail integration page

Have other ActiveTrail workflows you want to integrate? Share your dreams with us below! 

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!

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Jessica Herauf

Partnerships Manager at Make. I like to travel, explore nature, and I love to hear a good story.

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