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Automate Your Productivity in One Place with ClickUp and Make

Feb 19, 2020 | 2 minutes
A woman with a laptop automating her tasks and productivity.

Productivity automation is nothing but preparing your company for the next 10 years. Use Make to develop ClickUp integrations and enjoy the benefits of automation!  

We all know the feeling of satisfaction that comes when a job that has taken hours of hard work is completed. It's rewarding to see all your efforts pay off! 

However, hard work doesn't have to be synonymous with hours of drudgery just to get one task done. 

Thankfully, we live in a day where automation exists! Creating integrations with your task management tools has never been easier.

That's where Make comes in. 

Make is the glue that connects any app you use with another to create a streamlined workflow, with zero technical skill required. 

What's even better, when integrated with ClickUp, you'll see your time tracker drop drastically to complete a task. ClickUp is a completely customizable productivity software product that uses tasks, docs, goals, chat, and more to bring everyone into one place. The goal is to get more done.

How to get started using Make with ClickUp

Each Make scenario (workflow) is built by setting up an event in one of your apps - a trigger - that kicks off an event in another app - an action - to complete the workflow. 

This structure allows convenient flexibility in how you integrate ClickUp. 

For example, a teammate changing a task's status to "Review" in ClickUp can trigger a message to your email reminding you to take a look. 

Alternatively, the action of creating a task in ClickUp can be triggered by events in other apps, such as comments being posted to a Slack channel. 

You can configure scenarios to your liking. For example, I could update these scenarios to accomplish the following:

  • “For each Google Form submission, create a task in ClickUp with form contents in the description”

  • “If Wes emails me, create a task in ClickUp with the email's subject line as the task title, the content as the description, and me as the assignee”

How to use powerful templates to create actions

There are tons of Make templates that make life a little easier.

Add new Google Calendar events to ClickUp as tasks

Whenever you add events to your Google Calendar, Make automatically creates a new task in a ClickUp List of your choice - thus taking the extra step out of your calendar scheduling routine.

Create ClickUp tasks from new JIRA issues

Every time a new issue is created in JIRA, Make automatically creates a new task in a ClickUp List of your choice. This powerful bug management solution makes it easy to plan which developer is responsible for which issue and easily creates a priority system. 

Create ClickUp tasks from new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows

Each time you add a new row to your Google Sheets spreadsheet, Make will automatically create a new task in ClickUp. This allows you to easily design and organize your spreadsheets into action items. 

Check out all the templates here to start taking your productivity to the next level!

What's Next?

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To start automating your productivity using Make, click here

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Happy clicking!


Erica Chappell

Erica Chappell is a Content Manager at ClickUp.

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