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Automation and Education: Introducing the Make Academic Alliance

Jul 13, 2023
Make Academic Alliance

Nowadays, more than ever, students feel anxious about their professional future. What if what they’re learning at school or university gets outdated when they graduate? 

Technological progress is much quicker than curriculum development, and often, schools can’t react fast enough to catch up.

Enlightened teachers want to help students get the right skillset but with so many solutions, apps, and systems all around it’s easy to get disoriented. 

Close cooperation between academia and industry seems to be more urgent than ever, and this is why we’re happy to announce the launch of the Make Academic Alliance!

What is the Make Academic Alliance? 

Make Academic Alliance aims to support teachers to qualify their students for better job opportunities in the global market. 

Our program provides higher education institutions, student organizations, and other educational organizations with tools to understand the concepts of no-code, workflow, and process automation through a hands-on experience that includes:

  • Entry-level guest lectures to introduce students to Make.

  • Project or task-based follow-up sessions.

  • Teach-the-teacher sessions to introduce teachers to Make.

  • Teaching materials (slide decks, blueprints, use cases).

  • Curricula co-creation to help teachers integrate automation into their subject.

  • Long-term support to teachers (e.g. identification of use cases, technical support).

  • Collaboration on capstone projects.

  • Expert consultations to academic researchers and students writing their theses.

  • Collaboration on Make or automation-related research projects.

And since we want teachers, students, and researchers to make the most of Make for academic purposes, we are offering free professional Make plans through the Make Academic Alliance.

In addition, there will always be a dedicated Academic Alliance Manager to help our academic allies identify the best support tool for their needs.

Make is a multicultural company with employees from 40 different countries working from many locations around the world. 

Thanks to this, the Make Academic Alliance can deliver lectures in person or online in several languages spoken by native speakers.

Who can participate in the Make Academic Alliance?

Our academic allies include university leaders, teachers, researchers, ICT-specialized high school teachers and leaders, heads of student organizations, and Master/PhD candidates. 

Even students interested in Make and automation can contact us, and we will coordinate with them on how to approach their teachers and integrate Make into their study programs.

If you are a teacher, you don't need to be an expert in automation or Make. 

Your interest in automation and motivation to explore the possibilities of automation within your subject make you a perfect candidate. We take care of the rest!

Since the beginning of 2023, we have delivered several guest lectures and other teaching events at universities in Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, the USA, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Become our academic ally today

As a teacher or employee of an academic institution, the first step to participate in the Make Academic Alliance is to fill in our form to join the Make Academic Alliance.

Once you do that, we'll schedule a call to discuss your specific needs and identify the best tools to support you. 

The possibilities are yours to explore: As a teacher, you can have a Maker delivering an introductory interactive presentation in your classroom, or start working on a long-term project such as a hackathon or a masterclass for all your academic staff. 

If you're a student, feel free to talk to your teachers and ask them to contact us. Your automation project may be interesting for your schoolmates, so let's get automation to your classroom!

Are you preparing your Master's degree or PhD thesis and Make can help you process data more efficiently or you're running research on automation? Then you should also fill in our "Join Academic Alliance" form and we'll get back to you.

In closing, let us echo the powerful sentiment captured by philosopher Allan Bloom: "Education is the movement from darkness to light." 

Through the introduction of this education program in automation, we aim to help countless students navigate from the shadows of uncertainty into the light of knowledge and empowerment. 

We're not just teaching about automation; we're dispelling the darkness of ignorance and fear surrounding it, shedding light on the vast potential that it holds for the future. 

Let us step into this radiance together, for the brighter the light we follow, the clearer the road ahead.

Jana Breska

Jana Breska

Academic Alliances Manager at Make who feel home in the tech industry as well as in front of the classroom in academia. In my free time, I share my biggest passions with my students as a dance and scuba diving instructor.

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