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Getting started with BulkGate

To use BulkGate modules, you need to connect your BulkGate account to Make. If you do not have a BulkGate account yet, you can create one at

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Connecting BulkGate to Make

To connect BulkGate to Make follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create API

  • After you register and log in to BulkGate Portal click Modules & APIs in the left menu

  • Select Make

  • Click Create API


Step 2: Get Application ID and Application Token

  • Copy the Application ID and Application token to your clipboard as you will need them in the next step. Make sure the API is activated.


Step 3: Create new scenario

  • Head over to your Make Scenario to add the BulkGate connection

  • Select a BulkGate action or trigger

  • Click on Add and paste the Application ID and Application token obtained in step 2

  • Click Continue

  • Now fill out important information such as recipient's phone number and message text

  • Click OK to complete the connection and proceed to build your scenario.

For more information and documentation, please visit BulkGate helpdesk.