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With Custify modules in Make, you can create and manage all the people, companies, notes, tags, tickets, tasks, comments, deals, invoices, and subscriptions in your Custify account.

To get started with Custify, create an account at

See here for the Custify API documentation.

Connect Custify to Make

To make a connection, you must obtain an API key from your account.

  1. Log in to your Custify account.

  2. Click My account, in the top-right corner, then click API access.

  3. Click Generate API key, then copy your new key to your clipboard.

  4. Go to your Make scenario and select the Custify module you want to use.

  5. Under Connection, click Add, then give your new connection a name.

  6. Paste the API key into the field below, then click Save.


You have successfully established the connection. You can now edit your scenario and add more Custify modules. If your connection needs reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.

Build Custify Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:


  • Watch People

  • Add People

  • Update People

  • Get People

  • Search People

  • Delete People

  • Add a Tag to the People

  • Remove a Tag from the People


  • Watch Companies

  • Create a Company

  • Update a Company

  • Get a Company

  • Search Companies

  • List Company People

  • Delete a Company


  • Watch Notes

  • Create a Note

  • Update a Note

  • List Notes


  • Watch Tags

  • Create a Tag

  • Update a Tag

  • List Tag

  • Delete a Tag

  • Add a Tag to the Entity

  • Remove a Tag from the Entity


  • Create a Ticket

  • Update a Ticket

  • Delete a Ticket

  • Add a Reply to the Ticket


  • Create a Task

  • Update a Task

  • Get a Task

  • Search Tasks

  • Get Available Filter Values


  • Insert an Event


  • Send a Batch Request


  • Watch Comments

  • Create a Comment

  • Update a Comment

  • List Comments


  • Watch Deals

  • Create a Deal

  • Update a Deal

  • List Deals

  • Delete a Deal


  • Watch Invoices

  • Create an Invoice

  • Update an Invoice

  • List Invoices

  • Delete an Invoice


  • Watch Subscriptions

  • Create a Subscription

  • Update a Subscription

  • List Subscriptions

  • Delete a Subscription


  • Make an API Call

  • Upload a File

  • List Files

  • Unlink a File

  • Add or Update a Custom Data Object

  • Delete a Custom Data Object