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The Kaleyra modules allow you to send the message from your Kaleyra account.

Getting Started with Kaleyra


  • A Kaleyra account

In order to use Kaleyra with Make, it is necessary to have a Kaleyra account. If you do not have one, you can create a Kaleyra account at


The module dialog fields that are displayed in bold (in the Make scenario, not in this documentation article) are mandatory!

To connect your Kaleyra account to Make you need to obtain the API Key and Secret ID values from your Kaleyra account and insert it in the Create a connection dialog in the Make module.

1. Log in to your Kaleyra account and open your Dashboard.

2. From the left menu, click Developers > Create API Key.

3. Enter a name for the API Key and click Save.


4. Copy the SID and API Key values or download the details to a safe place.


5. Go to Make and open the Kaleyra module's Create a connection dialog.


6. In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

7. In the API Key and Secret ID fields, enter the API key and SID values copied in step 4 respectively.

8. Click Continue.

The connection has been established.

Send a Message

Sends a message.


Establish a connection to your Kaleyra account.


Enter (map) the Addressee's phone number to which you want to send the message.

Sender ID

Enter (map) the Sender ID (phone number) from which you want to the send message.


Enter the message text.