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Mailgun (legacy)


This is the documentation of the legacy Mailgun (legacy) app. Here is the documentation of the new Mailgun app.

Getting started with Mailgun

To use any Mailgun modules, you need to connect your Mailgun account to Make. If you do not have a Mailgun account yet, you can create one at account.

Connecting the Mailgun service to Make

To connect your Mailgun account to Make, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. While creating the connection, you will be prompted to enter your Mailgun API key. To find the key:

  1. Open your Mailgun dashboard

  2. Click on the Domains menu item:

  3. Click on your domain:

  4. Scroll to "Domain Information" section (at the top of the page) and copy the API Key:


User guide

How to set up webhooks

If you want to use webhooks in your scenarios, you need to set a URL for each type of webhook in the Webhooks section of the Mailgun control panel.For more information, please read the Webhooks section.

Sending emails from sandbox

If you use sandbox (if you haven't set up any domain) and want to send emails, you need to verify recipients' email addresses in your Mailgun account's settings first.For more information, please read the Mailgun documentation.

Sender email address

If you send emails from a verified domain, the email address of the sender must include this domain. If you use, for example, a domain, you can set up [email protected] ( but not [email protected]) as the sender email address.