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Enjoy access to the richest source of company information, dynamic market mapping and lead generation, all tailored to your specific needs, processes and systems.

BizMachine modules enable you to search companies, or retrieve company details, company embed links, or company custom data and retrieve tags, assign tags, or remove tags from a company in your BizMachine account.

Getting Started with BizMachine

  • A BizMachine account

In order to use BizMachine with Make, it is necessary to have a BizMachine account. If you do not have one, you can create a BizMachine account at

Connecting BizMachine to Make

To connect your MakeBizMachine account to you have to obtain the API token.

  1. Get your API Key. Currently (12/2019), you can request your API Key via email ([email protected]) only.

  2. Open the BizMachine module Create a connection dialog.

  3. Enter the API Key into the respective field.

  4. Click on the Continue button.

The connection to your BizMachine account is now established.