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With RocketReach modules in Make, you can monitor lookups, search for profiles and look for profiles in your RocketReach account.

To use the RocketReach modules, you must have a You can create an account at

Refer to the RocketReach API documentation for a list of available endpoints.

Connect RocketReach to Make

To establish the connection, you must:

Obtain your API key in RocketReach

To obtain your API key from your RocketReach account:

  1. Log in to your RocketReach account.

  2. In the left sidebar, click Integrations.

  3. In the My Account section, click API Usage & Settings.

  4. Copy the API key value shown and store it in a safe place.

You will use this value in the API Key field in Make.

Establish the connection with RocketReach in Make

To establish the connection in Make:

  1. Log in to your Make account, add a RocketReach module to your scenario, and click Create a connection.

    Note: If you add a module with an instant tag, click Create a webhook, then Create a connection.

  2. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  3. In the API Key field, enter the API key copied above.

  4. Click Save.

  5. If prompted, authenticate your account and confirm access.

You have successfully established the connection. You can now edit your scenario and add more RocketReach modules. If your connection requires reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.

Set Up RocketReach Webhooks

This app uses webhooks to trigger a scenario when an event occurs instantly. All webhook modules have an instant tag next to their name.

To set up a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Add an RocketReach instant module to your scenario and click Create a webhook.

  2. Optional: Enter a name for the webhook in the Webhook name field.

  3. Select the corresponding connection for the webhook in the Connection field.

  4. Click Save > Copy address to clipboard.

  5. Log in to your RocketReach account.

  6. In the left sidebar, click Integrations.

  7. In the My Account section, click API Usage & Settings.

  8. In the Web Hook section, paste the address copied in step 4 into the Webhook URL field.

  9. In the Enabled Endpoints section, enable LookupProfile.

  10. Click Create.

RocketReach will now send data to Make through the webhook when the selected event occurs.

Build RocketReach Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Watch Lookups

  • Search Profiles

  • Lookup a Profile

  • Make an API Call